Deodorant Dry Dry - lasting protection against sweat and odor

Unfortunately, excessive sweating and the associated unpleasant smell - a problem faced by almost everyone.Today is considered to be a very effective means of Dry Dry - antiperspirant new generation.This tool allows you to get rid of the sweat and odor for quite a long time - its effect can last for 3 to 5 days.

Dry Dry : composition, properties and the form of

This tool is available in the form of a colorless clear odorless liquid in a bottle volume of 35 ml.Buy this deodorant can be exclusively in pharmacy.The main active ingredient is the hydrate of aluminum chloride and denatured alcohol.Due to the properties of these materials, the problem of excessive perspiration can not only mask, but also to eliminate a few days.

fact that it affects Dry Dry to cause problems handling the sweat glands.The active ingredients form the glands around the so-called block - allyumienevy protein-complex, which directs moisture allocated to other places, but it also stimulates the excretion through

the kidneys.

Antiperspirant Dry Dry and its advantages

This product is popular and such a high demand for the following reasons:

  • For a start it should be noted that it does not mask the unpleasant smell of sweat,and eliminate the cause.
  • A further advantage is the long-term effect - the skin remains dry for 3-5 days.
  • Deodorant Dry Dry can be used not only for the treatment of underarm skin, but also for the regulation of sweating of the feet and hands.
  • means very economical - one bottle is enough for really long time.
  • leaves no traces on clothing.

How to use Dry Dry ?

Of course, this means you need to learn how to use it.Therefore, it is recommended to read the instructions:

  • deodorant can be applied only to clean, dry skin.
  • for 10 hours after application of the treated areas should not be wet, so the tool is best applied at bedtime.
  • Make 5-7 smears treated skin area and wait 2-3 minutes to remedy completely absorbed and dried up.
  • Do not use Dry Dry immediately after depilation (must be at least two days) as may cause burning and irritation.It is better to apply a deodorant, and the next day to remove hair.
  • If the problem odor persists after the first use, the procedure can be repeated the next day for maximum effect.
  • If desired, it can be applied on top of the usual antiprespirant with the smell, but it is optional.

way, numerous studies have shown that regular use of such funds can not harm human health.

Dry Dry : adverse reactions

Despite the security, the use of a deodorant can sometimes cause some side effects.Most often people complain of a burning sensation and skin irritation.But, usually, it happens only in those cases where the liquid is applied to wet skin.Remember that it must be completely dry.In cases where burning is not terminated, it is necessary to use this time to stop deodorant.