Bomber women in fashion again

The impact on women of the strong half of humanity is difficult to overestimate."Male footprint" can sometimes be found in the heart of the ladies, and in her wardrobe.It so happened that the girls like the male to try things.In this they are willing to help designers.For all sorts of variations brutal bombers do not go out of fashion that season already.From simple "civil" windbreakers and jackets are characterized by a peculiar arrangement of pockets (inner pockets are not, moreover, the model with pockets located on the sleeves, is also now rarely seen), the presence on the cuffs and bottom of the jacket gum and back should be sewn fromone piece of fabric or leather.

Bomber jacket, American pilots is the 2nd World War.It is so named due to the shelling, which made the brave pilots.Then aircraft heating systems, of course, was not, so pilots insulated means available.Not everyone knows this, but the traditional aircraft was equipped with a jacket lining of bright orange color.The pilot in the plane

crash wore it inside out, and then ejected.And by bright bomber on the ground of its fast rescue.

Bomber women generally shorter.This is done so that the hips do not pop a bubble, but to preserve the free cut product that does not restrict movement of his mistress.In addition, the female bomber has a high waist.In our time, such models sew from all kinds of materials, including suede, leather, thick knits and silk, but the bottom of the jacket sleeves and elastic cuffs make out.Rate this sporty followers, although these are often stretched cuff, wiped, and then they must be replaced.

developing female bomber, the designers have moved away from the classic boring colors - red-brown or brown - and offer the girls wear pattern of shiny fabrics, which are increasingly decorated with drawings.For example, Phillip Lim in its collection introduced jackets made of cotton and satin, lace decoration which became - it just adds them to femininity.

The correct female bomber you easily protect from wind and heavy rain.If you want to buy a jacket for all occasions, the pork skin should be as the main material.Of course, this kurtka- female bomber would rather expensive, but strong and reliable.The more saturated the color, the more it has to strap a figure, otherwise the girl in it might look rastolstevshie.

fan of American style to jeans, haircut kryukat and heavy boots can add a female bomber.Photos successful combinations now often can be seen on the glossy pages.But with bomber jackets worn contraindicated.Girls may also like student neat model that will fit well in almost every closet, while perfectly combined with trousers and fluffy skirts.Complementing similar ensemble boots, you get both a rowdy and feminine image.Your jacket may be made entirely of leather, but it is decorated with print.In autumn it is easy to replace tight jacket, because such a thing - it is warm, stylish, comfortable.