Stylish women topsaydery

topsaydery stylish women in the present moment earlier gained unprecedented popularity.This is despite the fact that this kind of moccasin was designed specifically for boaters.They are distinguished by some unusual and striking details: covering the back of the lace and white rubber sole with special corrugation, does not stain the deck and sliding on it.In addition, there are upper rubber insert of the skin from getting wet, and the insole, which can easily get to dry.

Informal comfortable shoes top-sider now popular all over the world.Her "father" is considered to Paul Sperry, a sailor, who in 1935 noticed how deftly balancing on ice his dog.Paul, examining their feet four-legged friend, saw them barely visible cracks.Due to these cracks and there is excellent adhesion to slippery ice surface.Now it remains for small - to copy the invention of nature.Since Paul was also a sailor, the owner of the yacht, he had borrowed the idea of ​​nature (to avoid slipping on the deck): on a piece of rubber repea

ted pattern of cracks found on the paws of your dog.This was the first piece of rubber soles experimental intended for a free walk around the deck.But then the result could surpass all expectations, as the adhesion to the deck was just magnificent.It falls on it was now possible.

Initially, this shoe has been designed exclusively for men, and they have enjoyed great popularity.But in recent seasons topsaydery got in a woman's wardrobe.

How to wear women's topsaydery?

Topsaydery not look organically with every outfit.At the same time they themselves are incredibly comfortable.But there are a few rules of wearing them.

Topsaydery women wear without socks - it is unshakable rule.If you have decided to buy a pair, then immediately should consider and clothes to them.

Of course, the perfect tandem topsaydery women are bright and sea motifs: blue shorts or pants, a striped shirt and a thin T-shirt, sailor.

From what to wear them the girl is not planning to take a walk on a yacht, and on land?The answer is simple - jeans.Almost all models will look in harmony with them.Do not forget that these shoes need to dress a certain lightness.Therefore, it is necessary to prefer jeans long 7/8 or ¾.We decided to put topsaydery women, which saw a picture in a magazine, and combined with trendy ripped jeans?Perfectly.Choose the model from the top and bottom of the form-fitting looser.Bottom bend jeans.Complement the image of a blouse or shirt in a classic men's style.

choosing dresses and skirts, also is to give preference to marine motifs.Print in small flowers in shades of blue and blue will also look dignified with topsayderami.It is better to wear form-fitting skirts beautiful sailors-shirts and blouses, sleeveless.

in your wardrobe appeared psaydery?How to tie them for a long time do not have to understand.The design of this shoe requires a lace stretched over the heel of the shoe.It was he who fixes the foot, tying the front on the bow.