Classic suits "troika" (male)

Costumes "troika" (Men's) commonly referred to as the traditional options along representatives of a strong half of mankind, which is used for various occasions and for everyday business attire.This outfit is no longer considered just a wedding, and the young people are buying more and more advanced models for everyday wear.

throughout Europe office workers prefer to go to work in a stylish suit, because this outfit provides them with a solid appearance, and the company - an excellent image.

Costumes "troika" (male): variety of models

This suit appeared in the twentieth century.Since then, he is considered the epitome of good taste, charm and dedication.In the traditional version of the "Three" there are pants, jacket and vest, created from fabric the same color, generally gray, black or blue, and white shirt.

The three are usually included single-breasted jacket with side slits, but today designers are experimenting, creating different variations of shapes and colors, choosing unexpected de

tails, as well as combining the original features.

To date, the major brands offer stylish men single and double-breasted vest and jacket, pleated or straight pants.In addition, there was a wide variety of jackets - an essential element of the troika: the different colors and shapes, lapels.Each of the plurality of elements can create your own unique men's suit "troika".Moscow, with its boutiques allows everyone to choose the best option of clothing for an official meeting.

Costumes "three" men: particular selection

to the "troika" sitting well, emphasizing the status of a person, some people prefer to sew it to order.If there is no time or opportunity to do so, designers are advised to at least vest sew to order.They claim that the jacket - is the main component of a suit.He brings variety, making a unique appearance.Therefore, this element is best to order based on the characteristics of a particular person, and the nature of its addition.

should also choose the right coloring:

  • traditionally black opt for activities such as banquet or wedding;
  • often chosen for formal occasions suit blue, pin-striped or solid color;
  • for everyday wear, you can choose any color, depending on the characteristics of appearance and personal preferences, today you can find a variety of options: Bright orange and purple color pink model in a large square, as well as many others.

Classic Costumes male trio: warnings and regulations

There are a number of rules to break that when wearing undesirable:

  • vest must be sewn from fabric from which the established and other elements;
  • do not wear vest people with a big belly.

Everyone chooses what suits him best suit the "troika" (male).Photography various models presented in the article.They also can be found in specialty men's magazines.