How to fold a shirt to not hesitated: practical tips

Tell me, ladies, and you often stroking her husband clothes?And if he goes on business trips, do you know a few secrets, how to fold a shirt that is not wrinkled?After all, the man - the kind of people that not every one of them will keep their shirts ironed yes or carry a portable iron is in the suitcase.And not always and not in all the apartments have the opportunity to put the wardrobe with the office of a hanger, which usually hang shirts.Really it is necessary to start every morning with the hated ironing shirts in that case?

In this article, we'll share a couple of techniques, how to fold a shirt that does not wrinkle.And also tell you how best to store and transport their shirts.The most important rule in this difficult matter how neatly folded shirt - let it cool down a little after ironing.Do not fold immediately after svezheotutyuzhennaya thing take shape quickly, you will attach to it.

Before folded shirt, make sure you have it buttoned all the buttons - in this form it will retain the

form that will have to be on the husband, without unnecessary bends and folds.Then turn the thing up and fold back the sleeves on top of one another.Now, to lay down their shirt, not to crush any one part of it, gently fold the sides over the sleeves.Flatten it and fold in half.Keep folded shirt collar and buttoned up to relieve the pressure on them.As you can see, everything is very simple.

But that's not all.In order to carry the jacket in a suitcase in the case of business trips, use the boxes.Repack the shirt just as it was packed in the store.If you are traveling by plane, you can ask at the baggage tag box with shirts shortcuts that marked fragile loads.Then it does not crush during transportation and at the destination will transfer in its original form.Moreover, in this form even slightly trampled shirt easily smoothed if it hang on a hanger for half an hour.

How to fold a shirt, not to crush the house?Firstly, please be a small piece of cardboard.Once you have ironed shirt, cut-out cardboard strip of suitable length and insert the collar to maintain shape as well, as is usually done in the factory packaging.Then even weighed down another linen, it will not require additional ironing gates.Furthermore, already ironed, cooled and folded, as described above, the shirt is best stored in a separate shelf in the cabinet.Put them one on the other, expanding the collars in different directions through one.So less likely, pulling out of the closet in the morning shirt, discover that it requires additional otglazhivanie.

course, all tips, how to fold a shirt that is not wrinkled, pale before svezheotglazhennoy thing.But in extreme conditions you leave a couple of days, trips husband, lack of space under the trempel jacketed during moving or at a party, these recommendations can serve you well, and to emphasize the image of a good wife and a reasonable hostess who remembers even about such trifles,as an ironed shirt.