17 Always, if you "Miss Dior Cherie"

The creators of perfume "Miss Dior Cherie" was not an easy task: to upgrade the legendary and has already become a classic fragrance "Miss Dior".After all, the spirits were intended by the same young girls, barely the opened buds, but more modern.With the problem of the composition author Francois Demachy coped fine.The current is virgins and smell: strawberry gum and caramel popcorn ny, touching and provocative spirit of youth mixed with crazy teenagers of the city.This is a very topical flavor, fresh and bright.

Anyone familiar with the classic perfume "Miss Dior", certainly will provide a retreat from the green, chypre notes of freshness to the floral-fruity fragrance "Miss Dior Cherie".New perfume top notes of their cause not just smell and feel on the lips and tongue taste of strawberry ice cream and pop such as "Phantom."At the heart of the fragrance hiding a bouquet of roses and jasmine.The base served as a complex mixture of oak moss, amber, sandalwood, patchouli and vetiver.Most of the compon

ents are the classic components of men's colognes, but because modern nymphet sometimes so similar to skinny teenage boys!

As befits an expensive and high-quality spirits, "Miss Dior Cherie" reveals itself gradually.At first it sounds Overture: strawberry leaves and green mandarin orange - fresh "green" smell, but it promises to make sweet.It is necessary to dissipate the first impression, and has already heard the mighty chorus of flowers: rose, violet, jasmine, without any complexes (as is characteristic of today's youth) declare themselves sultry fluids.Against this background, we hear very touching smell caramels, popcorn and strawberry ice cream - the attributes of recently deceased childhood.The loop also follow the bearer of sweet fragrance musk and patchouli.

fully experience the concept of "Miss Dior Cherie" helping commercials.In the first one (2005) starred granddaughter of the legendary Elvis Presley Daniel Keoh in jeans jacket, the second - Marina Linchuk (directed by Sofia Coppola).When in 2011 appeared on the market by Dior Perfume "Miss Sherry" promotional video shot the same Coppola and was the face of the product known actress Natalie Portman.And so that there is no ambiguity about the image created by the aroma, art director of the house Dior, the glamorous designer John Galliano, described the category potrebitelnits: "This young girl has a secret admirer, but she is not yet aware of the hurricane of feelings that are hidden in it".

it possible to present a mature lady with a bottle of lighter flirtatious bow with "Miss Dior Cherie"?Reviews say that it is possible.The main thing - not the year, and the mood.This fragrance gives a sense of freedom, the joy of life, a feeling of lightness and youth, enthusiasm and energy.Why no?People even give this perfumed water to their mothers on 8th of March.Even self-confident lady and business ladies remain in the soul of gentle teenage girls, touching and innocent.And it is open to them, and allows you to "Miss Dior Cherie".In recent years, this collection has been enriched with new flavor variations, for example, "Blossoming bouquet", where the main smell strengthen notes of flowers and fruit.