Tone Cream Max Factor Lasting Performance.

unlikely that exists in the world at least one girl completely happy with their appearance.Always something goes wrong.But most women are dissatisfied with their skin that the current environmental situation is not surprising.Very rarely it is now possible to meet a girl with perfect skin without any blemish.But the ladies are not used to so easily give up, therefore, that at least visually make your skin more attractive, they use all kinds of cosmetics.Among other things, the very high demand foundation Max Factor Lasting Performance.As promised manufacturer of this product?

The emphasis is on its resistance.In the summary states clearly that the cream keeps the skin as much as eight hours from the time of its application.That is, in theory, it should withstand a full day.Many potrebitelnits, leaving about Max Factor Lasting Performance reviews on various resources, pointed out that he really is able to withstand such a long period of time.Furthermore, it is not smeared even if often touch the face.T

his can be explained by the presence in the product of light silicone particles.

Manufacturer Max Factor Lasting Performance also promises that the foundation, despite the fairly dense texture, goes on the skin is very thin, light and evenly, matiruya it, and without creating a blockage of the pores.Also, this product is able to well disguise various defects of the skin, and this is an important factor for many girls.After the cream is applied, face looks perfect, especially if properly selected shade, and their palette as much as eight:

1) Light (color number 100, with a pinkish tinge).

2) Ivory (color number 101, without yellowness, for very light skin).

3) Pastel (color number 102 with a yellowish to light skin).

4) Delicate beige (color number 105, the skin after application looks slightly tanned, light-skinned so you have to be careful with it).

5) natural beige (color number 106, with a pinkish tinge, for somewhat dark skin).

6) Honey Beige (color number 108, for dark skin).

7) Natural Bronze (color number 109, looks good on tanned or dark skin).

8) Deep Beige (color number 111, the darkest).

As for skin types, the manufacturer Max Factor Lasting Performance indicates that this product may use the woman with any type of skin, including sensitive and combination.Is it really?After analyzing the responses of this cream in various forums, we can note that the product is really good enough as completely negative reviews about it there.

Some girls noted that it is still not enough proof, especially if you do not fix it on top of powder.In general, it said of the cream a few owners of oily skin.About how important it is to choose the right color, it shows few comments from the white-skinned girls who instead of color "Ivory" purchased "light" or "Delicate beige."The cream went well, but because of the color discrepancy with the tone of the skin was too visible on her face.Therefore, it is not necessary to smear foundation on hand, as do many.Better still put a little money on the face.Even some women customers have noticed that in the summer of Max Factor Lasting Performance is better to abstain, and choose something lighter in texture.But in general, this cream quite good response.The cost of it is also quite acceptable, and lack of funds long.