Painting "Londa" - a palette in which there is the tone for everyone

Now paint called Londa is widely used in all the salons of beauty of our planet.The popularity of beauty products is not surprising, because each tube - is the highest quality, and a variety of shades and colors, which can be colored, allows you to select the most accurate tone that will perfectly fit a particular appearance."Londa" (it is truly diverse palette) - a real godsend for those who want to look natural and naturally, and for lovers to experiment with style and color their own hair.Here you will find both white Blond and blue-black tones, along which can be represented by orange, yellow and even bright blue toners.

main feature, which boasts "Londa Professional" (Palette - above praise vyakih) - a uniform staining throughout the hair.It is not important what color toning is done, what is the original shade of hair - the new color will make self-colored curls and not turn them into "a set of colored pencils."But in order to paint the most accurate in the range consistent with the proposed "Lo

nda" (a fascinating palette) to the model, you must choose the oxidizing agent with the required percentages.To give your hair a darker tone, not necessarily spoil their caustic agents.For this range of colors fit 3 or 6 interest medications.Well, if the desired color - ash or platinum blonde, it is worth paying attention to the 9-and 12-percentage oxidants paint.

This paint is designed for professional use.When you buy a tube not supplied to any glove or a brush or solvent.Therefore, if the hair is dyed at home, to begin to see that the company offers "Londa" palette, and then consult with a stylist on the oxidant.All components and the terms that may be needed in the process of coloring hair, you need to buy separately, according to the chosen color.If the entire set will be picked up correctly, the desired effect will be achieved without actually lighten hair.

Hair dye "Londa" - the most diverse palette of colors.With their help, you can create any effect, coloring the hair in a natural tone, as close as possible to the natural, or in the extreme, bright and catchy.It is worth noting that, regardless of the tone, paint is very durable and is not washed away a long time.It optimally fills the gray hair and gives hair a natural gloss (even with the regular use of the entire length).

There is only one manufacturer, "Londa" palette, which is used worldwide.Non colors are identical in all salons, wherever held staining, so selecting an option, you must remember him and boldly called the master.But the durability and color intensity - it is self-evident characteristics, which have always been and will be characteristic of this brand.