Perfume Dior Homme Intense: elegance and passion in a bottle

Despite the fact that the perfume Dior Homme Intense born exactly half a century after the death of the founder of the fashion house, Christian Dior's spirit hovers like it.The most famous French fashion designer for his life (1905-1957) not only dressed stars such as Marlene Dietrich, The Beatles and Edith Piaf.He still managed to revolutionize the world of fashion by offering active synthesis stage image and haute couture.New developments affected not only the clothes from Dior: scents, designed his house, also struck a mixture of originality and mystery.

Many connoisseurs of fragrances from Dior eagerly awaiting the release of the perfume.The author, Olivier Polzh, advertised it as a dream of men, which mingled with the scent of woody notes of flowers.When the stylish, original design smoked glass bottle with a black, reminiscent of man's tie tube spray went on sale, some critics have said that the spirits remind women that they - sweet and do not meet modern trends of perfumes for men.However, e

xperts were delighted, and claimed that Christian Dior Homme Intense - an excellent continuation of the triptych Dior Homme (released in 2005) and the 2007 perfume Dior Homme Cologne.

Without a doubt, a strong aroma and sweet, but it is only a first impression, and only if you apply perfume on a piece of paper, and will press it firmly to his nose.Wait a minute, wait a minute: aroma, especially applied to the skin of men inevitably unfold masculine sound of vetiver, cedar and Virginia ambretty.Bearer of such a smell like a veil of secrecy shrouds.A few hours later comes a thin, like an invisible trail, the scent of this male sexuality, a certain magnetism before which can not resist any woman.And in this whole Christian Dior: Dior Homme Intense constantly changing its carrier, gradually opening the all new facets of his character.

opens flavor really sweet, but Iris is no longer dominates as bright as its predecessor (the "Homme" and "column").Flower arrangement is replaced by woody note of the heart, which sounds distinctly cedar, and his background - and ambretta vetiver with a touch of moss.No skin, no tobacco, which became a classic and somewhat jaded in the men's perfume last decade.The smell of Dior Homme Intense allocates its owner out of a hundred other men, making it original and memorable.A special role is played here by train of vanilla - soft, warm and enveloping, on the male skin "sound" more sexy.

These spirits are doing a stage appearance of a man whose life's foundations were defined, elegant gentleman who knows a lot of beautiful things, good drinks, but not kichliv always restrained and cherish the comfort of their home.Women feel sexual magnetism Dior Homme Intense mile away.This perfume, thanks to natural ingredients in its composition, is held on the skin for a long time.Black and mysterious leitmotif creates the impression of mystical, mysterious.

Fragrance Dior Homme Intense is ideal for the cold, under a black suit for holiday soiree.However, it is appropriate in a strict office environment.In the summer, on a hot day, the smell can be a bit heavy, so you should use the perfume only in the evenings.Connoisseurs claim that the perfume is more suitable for mature men than for young men.