The original and popular perfume Chloe

When in 1945 a young and wealthy aristocrat Gaby Agen moved from Egypt to Paris, many paid attention to the dusky beauty.Interest in it is not only her bright and showy appearance.Parisian noticed her ability to dress beautiful and unusual.All her clothes did not fit into the accepted while the Parisian fashion canons, they had a special charm, and it's always attracted to her eyes.

brilliant mind, inexhaustible energy, striking the imagination - this was the 24-year-old Gaby.Like a hurricane, I swept it in Paris, but soon tired of her social life.When one of her many friends encouraged her to create a sketch of the dress, she gladly accepted.In light appeared just six sketches in which she sewed Gaby amazing dresses made of cotton.Then she plucked up courage and took them to the fashionable boutiques of Paris.

What was the astonishment novice designer, when all her dresses were sold for a few days, and boutique owners asked her to continue to cooperate!It was then that the idea of ​​creating a com

pany, making clothes.Gabi then think about what to call their offspring.Her own name for some unknown reason did not like, and she asked her friend Chloe Bryumenton permission to use her name, especially since she was sure that this experiment did not last more than three months.However, the experiment

Gaby Agen in three months is not over, it continues for more than sixty years.Charming dress from Chloe enjoyed incredible success - the customer did not rebound.The models sold under the brand Chloe, were completely different styles.In other words, the fashion house Chloe did not have a recognizable face.He pribrёl own style in the 70s, when the company came to the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld.From that moment, the flourishing company.

In 1975, the fashion house Chloe begins to produce perfumes.The author's debut fragrance has become so successful the company merged with Karl Lagerfeld.Perfume Chloe became a real work of art.They created a furore in Paris.The combination of gentle notes of honeysuckle, orange blossom and jasmine captivate.These spirits are designed for sophisticated and elegant women, not afraid of difficulties in life.It has been over 30 years since the creation of this fragrance, but today fans he did not become smaller.

In 1992, the famous brand manufactures the following perfume Chloe - Narciss.This rich oriental fragrance fell like women of high society.He subtly emphasized grace and elegance of a true lady.He loves luxury and the owner knows his worth.This composition is particularly good for an evening publication.

Popularity oriental fragrances grew from year to year.Very soon his rightful place in the world of perfume perfume took Chloe.Reviews of grateful buyers come from all over the world.Fans of the famous brand of creativity was asked to continue to produce favorite songs.

However, the next novelty - perfume Chloe Eau de Parfum Intense - appeared only in 2009.It has been designed for women of all ages.She fell in love and very young girls and older women.This is a real winter fairy tale.Fragrance notes of sandalwood intricately weaves a delicate scent of roses and delicate accents of tonka bean.In it clearly captured the image of the Snow Queen.

In 2011, another brilliant fragrance was presented to the public - perfume Chloe Eau de Fleurs Neroli.This is a completely unique composition, every woman is able to return to the magical world of childhood, to give a happy and sunny days make the world a boundless.The fragrance is composed of citrus notes intertwined with rosemary and sage spice.

All created fashion house Chloe perfume - a product of high perfumery art, which will be for many years to please admirers of the company.