Hugo Boss Orange - refined aroma

famous German company Hugo Boss is widely known throughout the world not only a variety of brand clothing collections for men and women.Equally popular was brought to her gorgeous perfume fragrances, which have found their admirers all over the world.

In 1993, the already well-known company launches its first scent that marked the beginning of a great perfume collection.One of the last, very popular - Boss Orange, which I would like to talk more.

In 2009, the company issued a floral arrangement Boss Orange, designed for women.It opens with a gentle sound of a ripe red apple, then you are in the vast sea of ​​beautiful white flowers in completing feel powerful chord notes of sandalwood and olive tree under a transparent haze vanilla.In a matter of days, the composition becomes a hit of the season, and the company decides to continue to produce spirits in this series.

novelty not long to wait, in 2010 the presentation of Boss Orange Celebration of Happiness.This fragrance - a gift too beautiful ladi

es.In the top notes there is a clear and quiet, you might say, the warm aroma of apples and juicy peach.Fireworks from smells of orange tree, plum, cinnamon, middle notes, and seductive feminine scent of sandalwood and vanilla in its loop.

success of women's fragrances was so obvious that the managers of the company decided to create a men's fragrance of the same series.They became Boss Orange Man, released in 2011.It can be attributed to the group of wood scents.With its creation, the German perfumers have collected original mix of a variety of music.You clearly feel the bright red apple fruit note, slightly draped wood accents and sweet aromas of vanilla, that suddenly amplified, surrounded by hints of spices and incense, giving the whole composition a special glamor and sophistication.

In 2012, the famous series of aromas continues its triumphal march.Composition Boss Orange Edition created for charitable purposes.The same goes for the toilet water Hugo Boss Orange Man Charity Edition.Revenue from sales of these fragrances will give the company the fund UNICEF.

Boss Orange Sunset - Flanker famous fragrance Orange.It was created under the impression of the beauty of the sunset and bright scents of summer.Delicate citrus symphony of sounds in the autumn-winter flavor.

Hugo Boss - the largest global brand that has always been associated with refined style and sophistication.Each fragrance created them fully comply with modern fashion trends.Therefore, we can confidently say that this perfume for years to come will be on a wave of popularity.A huge number of perfume compositions allows each person to choose the flavor to your liking - a classic scent, or a popular novelty.Perfumes of this brand is extremely popular in our rapidly developing world, it emphasizes the style and personality.

Today fragrances from Hugo Boss - a measure of respectability who gets them.The products of this brand are the richest people in the world.It is not surprising that the company's revenues exceed half a billion dollars a year.According to statistics, perfumes of the famous fashion house firmly holds the leading position in the top ten most bought and popular flavors in the world.