«Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label» - fragrance for real men

It's no secret that the flavor - this is a very important part of the image.With correctly selected the perfume of water can emphasize and complement the look, others show some character traits.Today, very popular among men are the spirits of "Givenchy", namely - «Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label».This perfume is for real, confident men.

«Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label»: bit stories

Today, the fashion house, founded once famous Hubert de Givenchy is a real kingdom of fantasy.For several decades this brand surprises and pleases its fans not only excellent clothing lines, but also exquisite, unique spirits.At one time I enjoyed great popularity product called "Givenchy Pour Hom."Men all over the world paid tribute to the genius of its perfumers and enjoyed unbeatable odor.And in 2004, we were issued new, improved spirits labeled «Blue Lable».Today, they are considered one of the most sought-after products.

« Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label » - the flavor of the man

In fact, this perfume belong to the group of spice and citrusaromas with light wood tones.So what does is so popular and unique product?

  • as the initial notes used fresh and citrus elements - a grapefruit, bergamot and gedion.
  • Heart perfume water is composed of more spicy aromas - a cardamom, give and pepper.
  • Final notes, which provide a trail - it smells woody vetiver, incense cedar and noble.

Indeed, «Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label» - a unique scent, which combines perfectly with the natural looseness.It is because of these properties, so the spirits liked the stronger sex.

To suitable «Givenchy Pour Homme Blue Label»?

Selection of fragrance - is an art, which originated several thousand years ago.In the ancient states of this was true science.After each person has some kind of personal preference.In addition, it is believed that the spirits must be chosen, paying attention to the character and style of life.By the way, these experts tend to use different perfumes in the summer and winter months.

So who fit the flavor of "Givenchy"?As already mentioned, the spirits are intended for serious, self-confident men.This demonstrates the smell surrounding human commitment.Such a man knows exactly what he wants and is firmly moving towards the desired goal.These spirits give the holder the charm and mystery.

worth noting that this fragrance is light, fresh and energetic.So they decided to use the summer and spring months - during this period it is revealed most strongly.In addition, spirits are more suitable for daytime.This smell is appropriate at work, a business meeting or lunch.If desired, they can use and before going to a party or a meeting with friends.

reviews on this product for the most part are positive.Men celebrate its unobtrusive, lightness and durability, as well as rejoice compliments from the opposite sex.The only drawback could be considered only the price, but, as evidenced by the reviews, this fragrance is worth every ruble.