Moschino Funny («Moschino Fanny") - a light breeze during the heat

Presently it is difficult to overestimate the role of different types of perfume, all of which are more and more appear on our shelves.Choose one that suits you, taking into account temperament and character, perhaps, there is no trouble.Aromas have a truly amazing properties - in a moment they are able to lift the mood, awaken memories, or simply serve as a kind of association with the near and dear man.

History of the brand Moschino

like to stay at the women's perfume, which bears the name of Moschino Funny («Moschino Fanny").For a start, we offer a brief overview of the history of the brand Moschino and understand what was the main prerequisite for the creation of eau de toilette Moschino.

So, it all started back in 1950 in sunny Italy.In the north there is a city called Abbiategrasso.It is famous for its traditions and customs that are observed from year to year.It was here in 1950 was born Franco Moschino (Franco Moschino), which later became known far beyond Italy.

Born into a family o

f the owner of a factory to produce clothes, Franco decided not to disturb the existing family tradition and went to study at the Milan Academy of Fine Arts, from which he graduated at the age of 19 years.He began his career working with illustrator Franco a few years later met with Gianni Versace (Gianni Versace), which at first glance appreciated the makings of young talent and invited him to work in his company.There, in the company of Versace and other star designers Franco persistently and diligently honed his design skills, the apogee of which becomes its own collection, which saw the light in 1970.The highlight of creativity Franco Moschino was it different from other designers in terms of what he created things that came every day, not just for parties and other social events.So, already by 1983 Franco creates his own fashion house.

It all started, as usual, with clothes and accessories ended the same name, ornaments, bags and, of course, perfume.

Perfume Moschino

special coloring and was commended for Moschino, eau de toilette, after the death of the founder of the brand.During his nearly fifteen-year history Moschino perfume was released in more than 10 different variations, each of which has its own unique smell.By the way, it should be noted that after the death of Franco hostess fashion house became famous in Italy Rosella Jardini (Rossella Giardini)

Moschino Funny («Moschino Fanny") was released in 2007 and the first days acquired a large number of fans.The word «Funny» in translation from English means "cheerful, playful, provocative."These epithets are fully reflect the flavor.Traditionally, "Moschino Fanny" combines top notes - bitter orange, red currants, and, of course, pink pepper - middle notes (slightly muted scent of peony and jasmine), and finally the base notes (cedar, musk and amber).All these components make the flavor of "Moschino Fanny" really playful, light, airy, a little flirty and anything not like.The smell of this mainly youth.

This perfume appreciated by girls and women around the world.Chances are you will not remain indifferent to the flavor "Moschino Fanny."