Professional hair dyes "Loreal Casting"

Today, women are easy to care for.At their disposal an army of a variety of cosmetic products, starting from the foot cream and finishing with hair dye.The main thing - to understand that because of all this magnificence, "your" and learn how to use it.

Hair Dye

hair dyes on the market of cosmetic products set.Among them is a means of popular brands, products and there are little-known companies.Painting "Loreal Casting" is one of the most purchased products in this direction.It belongs to a class of professional not only suitable for creating curls of a hue and has healing properties.Following its use hair become silky and lively, natural shine."Loreal Casting" restores and strengthens their structure, does not dry the scalp.This occurs due to entering into its composition royal jelly, which gives hair extra food.Paint inherent deep but gentle penetration, pigmented material characterized by high resistance and not washed for a long time.Creamy useful when applied at home."Loreal Casting" offers

a wide range of natural colors and shades, providing not only a reliable color, but also a wonderful opportunity to create your own stylish, memorable image.

Detailed description

Series «Casting» from "Loreal" founded on innovative technologies of professional medical and cosmetic industry.It is based on a special, patented by the caregiver of the complex, which positively affects the hair follicle and the hair itself, increases the elasticity and strength of its fibers.With "Loreal Casting" You can not just give the curls desired color and shade, and paint about 70 percent gray.Because it is used with success as the young women and ladies more than adults.

main plus cream - lack of ammonia in its composition.Therefore, it is not harmful, even weakened hair with split ends and increased fragility.Moreover, the tool is not prohibited to use pregnant women and nursing mothers.The kit consists of a tube with a proper paint volume of 48 ml., And with the capacity to develop the milk caramel, its volume - 72 ml.The smell of fruits and berries.It fits any type of hair.

color palette

Hair Dye "Loreal Casting" is available in four tinting collections:

  • collection "Shining Blonde."It included bright colors and shades;
  • line "Ice Chocolate".It includes color light brown shades;
  • series of "Chocolate glaze" with shades in dark brown colors;
  • Line "Black Silk" with dark colors.

In turn, each of the collections "Loreal Casting Creme Gloss", and it is the full name of the series, offers a diverse range of tones admirers basic colors: 8 species for "blond", 9 shades of light brown tones, 7 tёmno-brown, black 5 colors.Thus, the paint color palette includes natural colors: brown, blond, red, and brown colors for brunettes.A lover of fashion trends are happy to use cherry, amber, pearl, caramel and other shades.

undoubtedly cream "L'Oreal" - a recognized leader in its field.