Chanel 5 - a beautiful legend of the world of perfumes

History knows many examples of the fact that well-known fashion houses led its history for a hundred years or more.However, there are not so many flavors that have a long life, remaining a favorite of millions of people.These flavors, first of all, are the spirits of legend, spirits dream - beautiful and mysterious, shrouded in an aura of myth and legend - Chanel 5.

More than a hundred years ago, a charming and extraordinarily strong woman Gabrielle Chanel founded the fashion house, which wasdestined to celebrate the centenary, while remaining one of the most popular and influential in Europe.

many contemporaries Gabriel remembered as a man of integrity and strong, overcoming on the way to the goal of all the obstacles and difficulties encountered.Not surprisingly, a strong woman character traits reflected in her work.The image of the brand, which has created a Chanel - fashion and business, confident, elegant woman who has her own style, was not typical of his time, he was decades ahead of him.

Chanel belong to many discoveries in the world of fashion that made her famous throughout the world.It was she who drew the attention of women to the little used at the time in black clothes, she changed women's trousers and offered a short cut.Everything it touches Koko became an innovative, revolutionary.

In 1920 favorite Gabriel ruined Prince Dmitry Romanov, introduced her to the famous perfumer Ernest Beaux, and she asked him to create a fragrance, "smelling of women."Work on the order lasted long enough, but as a result she was offered a choice of 10 different flavors, bottled in numbered vials.

Coco chose to bottle №5, not so much because of the pleasant smell as fascinated with magic numbers, which she was fond of a youth.Aroma planned to present to the public May 5 - the birthday of Gabriel.She was not mistaken and Chanel 5 produced a furor in the perfume of the time.It was a synthetic flavor that particularly impressed the audience, as previously dominated by floral scents.Novelty its aroma does not remind any of flowers.

popularity of Chanel 5 grew at an incredible rate.And they soon became known throughout the world.Besides popularity, perfume Gabriel brought more than 15 million dollars.When the great Marilyn Monroe reporters asked about what clothes she prefers to sleep, she said that it remains the only Chanel 5. Reviews of famous women increased the interest of buyers to the composition.After the words of Marilyn More, millions of bottles were sold out in a matter of days.

In 2007, the famous perfumer Jacques Polzh introduced a new composition - Chanel 5 Eau Premiere, whose task was to make clear to modern admirers of her famous Chanel mystery flavor.I must say that the task of maestro coped brilliantly.The aroma has turned democratic and light, appropriate for daytime use.

Today, the phenomenon of the popularity of Chanel №5, as, indeed, and many other discoveries of this amazing woman remains a mystery ... But is it worth it to solve?Better to just enjoy!