Three Fortune smiles on the "Chanel Chance"

In 1993, Chanel introduced the world to house the new fragrance - "Chanel Chance".Manifested first in luxury perfumes, this composition later embodied in perfumed water, toilet water spray.Here we look at classic first "Chance", as well as two of his more recent variation - Fraiche ("Fresh") and Tendre ("Tenderness").Author all directions - the famous perfumer Jacques Polzh home.In all three smells Chanel remains true to himself: recognizable flavor, but nevertheless sounded at each person a little differently.

If classical Chance spirits were created for mature women, skilled seductress, is starting to develop "Chanel Chance" Zh.Polzh sought to re-create the image of a young girl, perky and somewhat windy.He succeeded.Chypre-floral fragrance based on the sweet base notes of vetiver, vanilla, amber, patchouli and white musk revealed deep vibration of citrus and jasmine.Above all these coloratura soprano sound hyacinth, pink pepper, iris and pineapple.The mysterious alchemy of light and enclosed in a

round bottle, girded silver ring.Interestingly, the first dominated by citrus notes, which will eventually fade away, giving bouquet of flowers appear.

What gives rise to feelings and moods "Chanel Chance"?You feel in the streets of Paris in the midst of spring, when the smell of flowering trees mixed with the aromas coming from the perfume shop on the Champs Elysees.And you will meet about the only one that you dedicate all my life ... and do not miss your chance.That's right: the composition gives a foretaste of the feast, the ease of cardiac disturbances.It is velvety, soft and enveloping.

Aroma "Chanel Chance Tendre" (2010) differs from its classical counterpart greenish amber color and the same deciduous delicate fragrance.However, the manufacturer claims that this composition mixed fruit scents of quince and grapefruit, combined with floral (jasmine absolute, pink hyacinth, iris).Kontrabasnymi warm notes sound white musk, amber and cedar Virginia.This composition was created for a romantic optimist.Inhaling the aroma, feel the rush of the morning on the cheeks of the wind, the smells wafting from the park spring foliage of coffee and boulangerie, which are arranged on the verandas chairs waiting for the first visitors.

A "Fraiche Chanel Chance" - pink perfume, and this color they convey the image of windy and romantic girl, gentle, graceful, but remains a captive of his dreams of a prince on a white horse.This interpretation on the classic Chanel Chance has preserved the sincerity and freshness of the sample, but its aroma has been enriched with new shades, becoming more luxurious and inspiring.The composition is woven from patchouli and vanilla, vetiver and pink pepper, rose, jasmine, iris, hyacinth, which look fine on the background of citrus, musk shaded.

All three "Chanel Chance" ratings known as individual and memorable.In the classic version, users praise the beautiful trail, which is hard to beat for the notes.However, he clearly says, "there were expensive perfume from Chanel."Aromas perfectly worn, fit any style.Scents are continuously changing, open, every hour sound different.In this metamorphosis - all the female soul, thirsting for love, tender, touching, subtle.