Lacoste - Perfume for real men

Cute green crocodile - a symbol of one of the prestigious brands of French, which is called simply - Lacoste.This fashion house produces men's and women sportswear, sunglasses, watches, footwear, perfume and accessories.The company was founded in 1933, although its history dates back much earlier.

rising star of world tennis Rene Lacoste at 22, won the title of the first racket of the world (1926.).Three years earlier, the captain of the team, which was represented by Rene promised to give him a suitcase made from crocodile leather, which has attracted an athlete before, if he wins in an evening match.That night he lost, but in some incredible way this story has reached the ubiquity of Journalists and a reporter in the Boston Post article called Rene alligator.The young man liked the nickname so that he even asked to embroider cute green crocodile on his jacket.Later, by order of Renee had made the first white shirt type shirt with a crocodile on the chest.It is in such clothes, he won the Davis Cup.

first Lacoste (perfume) appeared in 1984.Since that time, it began the development of the perfume lines of the company.Her collection includes fragrances for men and women.

brand Lacoste perfume produces about 30 years.From women's fragrances I would like to mention one of the first - Lacoste For Women, released back in 1999 godu.Sozdateli composition see strong girl, confident, active and bold.About the same qualities endowed by their Creator smell Lacoste Hot Play their owners.This is a modern, but very delicate and vulnerable woman, accustomed to attention and appreciate it.She is resolute and mobile.It can not be kept in one place.The main purpose for it - the constant striving for self-improvement.

Lacoste - perfume complex.Composition for women begins an amazing interweaving notes of sandalwood and carrot, oak moss and lime color.At its heart is a magnificent tulip blossoms, pear color, pineapple and red apple.In the end - the trail of bright accents of orange, pink pepper and cardamom.

Male perfume Lacoste brand is represented in the collection of fragrances, which have already become classics, and modern innovations.All these songs are addressed to a strong, confident, modern macho man, accustomed to win everything.

In 1996, the brand Lacoste perfume men presented an original fragrance that became a classic scent for men.We can say that he is still many years will be popular.We are talking about Lacoste Booster.It is not surprising, because these are the smells of women circling the head, forced to pay attention to the wearer.

Lacoste perfume December 12 Red - one of the latest novelties of the famous brand, released in 2012.Sensual and sexy scent that attracts and intoxicate.Top notes of mandarin, red tea and mangoes simply bewitching.Pepper, cardamom and ginger are disclosed in the heart.Ends composition wood notes and hints of acacia.Lacoste today - large, dynamic company, which has its own an extensive sales network around the world.The bulk of the company is owned by the family of Rene Lacoste.