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When selecting a coloring agent for hair the first thing you should pay attention to is its durability, perfect quality and naturalness.All these requirements are fully satisfied paint "Garnier".The palette of colors today it is diverse and is represented in several collections.According to experts, this is one of the safest to date colorants.

list the main advantages that the paint "Garnier": a palette with a wide range of different colors, special natural ingredients that nourish the hair, the minimum amount of ammonia resistant brilliant color and, of course, usability.

history of cosmetics company "Garnier" began in 1904 in France, where for a long time to develop and produce a variety of hair dye and care.But the true glory of the company in 1960 brought the first paint "Garnier", a palette which was then represented by one color.But the "Belle Color" from now on give all women the opportunity to do everything on their own at home.Before the release of "Belle Color" such changes were only avai

lable from the masters in specialized stores.

Even with the release of the first series, the company "Garnier" strive to create a safe and less harmful products.The ink composition was added the maximum possible amount of ingredients of plant origin.Because of this, the whole palette of colors Hair Dye "Garnier" and the firm became popular, world-renowned and honored leader in the market of cosmetic means.This status is maintained today.

paint passes thorough research and testing laboratories.The composition of modern staining kit includes a special cream which is intended for the proper care after the procedure and for various kinds of damage.After using such means, the hair becomes silky and extremely different healthy shine.

Today paint palette "Garnier" is presented in several series, including all the same "Belle Color" (about 36 shades for resistant natural color) and "Color Shine" (the spectrum of 16 shades, bestowing natural, healthy radiant glow), "Nutris Color" (30 colors for deep shining color), "Color Senseyshn" (24 ultrastoykih bright shade).

Each series is not only well-changing hair color, but also to cope with the gray coverage.For example, "Color Shine" is enriched with cranberry extract and araganovym oil, making hair get a brilliant shine."Color Neychrals" penetrates the hair and nourishes 3 natural oils, therefore, is a more full-bodied and extremely stable color.High gloss with a reflecting effect gives "Color Senseyshn" because of mother of pearl and flower oil.

All paint "Garnier", the palette of each series has a creamy texture that is easy to apply yourself, it does not spread and has a very pleasant smell.With this tool for painting, you can easily change hair color in any shade - from the seductive chocolate to eternally fashionable blonde.