Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy: Is it dangerous combination?

Cytomegalovirus (CMV) is very common among the population.It almost does not manifest itself, so most people are not even aware that it is present in their body.

CMV belongs to the herpesviruses and included in the group of TORCH-infections.It also includes rubella and toxoplasmosis.These diseases are characterized by the fact that they can harm the health of the fetus until his death.

Most people infected with CMV in childhood.The disease is manifested by headache, fatigue, malaise, become painful and increases the salivary glands, in the heavens and in the nasopharynx appears plaque.Generally, it is taken as normal influenza.Thereafter CMV lifetime will be present in the body, sometimes during sharpening lowered immunity.In women, it can cause cervicitis, inflammation tubes and ovaries, erosion of the cervix.The disease is chronic without any symptoms, but sometimes disturb pains.

However, the real danger is cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy because the immune system is reduced.Therefor

e, a high probability of infection through contact with a person with whom she is in an active state.Also it can happen worsening long-CMV is present.In these two cases, it appears in all body fluids: saliva, blood, urine, secretions.

In this situation, CMV infection in pregnant women can lead to infection of the fetus.Moreover, the earlier during this happens, the consequences could be harder.

probability of transmission of CMV to the fetus depends mainly on its concentration in the mother's blood.Therefore safer to combine Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy if the woman was infected long before conception.Then in her blood has antibodies to it.If during the childbearing was a primary CMV infection of the mother, the probability of transmission to the fetus is very high.

baby Infection can occur as follows:

  • through the placenta;
  • during conception virus from sperm;
  • through amniotic fluid, getting there from the cervical canal and endometrium.

When combined cytomegalovirus and pregnancy, the consequences could be such:

  • spontaneous abortion, fetal death (mainly in the early stages of infection and severe disease);
  • malformations that appear immediately after birth;
  • a few years may occur hearing defects, developmental delay, speech and motor activity, problems with the nervous system.

To avoid trouble and to combine Cytomegalovirus and pregnancy without consequences, to conceive a child need to prepare.Pass the recommended tests, consult with experts and, if necessary, be treated.It should strengthen the immune system, a walk in the fresh air for an hour every day, eat right, do not be nervous, sleep.

analysis environment, recommended for delivery before pregnancy, there is a CMV.And it should make both parents.It is necessary to determine the presence of antibodies in the blood, as well as the virus.Ideally check whether its DNA in saliva, urine, semen.Any modern laboratory performs these analyzes.They also need to take during pregnancy every trimester.

The analysis determined the amount of the two types of antibodies.Elevated levels of IgG shows a chronic course, that is a long-standing infection, and IgM - a primary infection in the absence of the first or the aggravation of an existing body CVM if available.

Thus, cytomegalovirus and pregnancy can be safely combined with competent preparation for it.It should also be tested regularly during gestation baby and strengthen the immune system.However, the primary infection and exacerbation of CMV infection of the fetus and possibly very serious consequences, including his death.