Cranberry juice during pregnancy - a storehouse of vitamins and minerals that are so necessary for mother and child

wonderful pregnancy contributes to the power of any woman some adjustments.Because the diet is often necessary to exclude the favorite before, but harmful products, especially beverages.Instead, the menu updated with new useful, but no less delicious, fruit drinks and compote of fresh berries.One of the most delicious and healthy - cranberry juice during pregnancy.Many "beremenyashki" call it the magic remedy for the entire body.

This juice is really admirable, because you try it once, it will go into the 'favorite drinks, "the whole family.Cranberry juice during pregnancy is not just incredibly delicious, but also very useful because of the miraculous properties of the berries, especially "beremenyashek."Unobtrusive sweet and sour taste of cranberry thirst and hunger and thirst, as well as refreshing and brings incomparable pleasure.So many women are "hooked" on it during the "interesting" position, and the soul is not fer it.

Cranberry is one of the most useful berries, due to the high content of

nutrients, throughout the world, and that says a lot.Having prepared cranberry juice during pregnancy can be easy to keep all the benefits of fresh Cranberry and keep all of its vitamin composition.And this is a real storehouse of nutrients, such as vitamins C, H, PP, B1, B2, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium.In addition to all of the above nutrients cranberry in the presence of sucrose, fructose, glucose, organic acids, calcium, iodine, iron, and carotene.Thus, it is possible with just a single drink to satisfy your "pregnant" the body and the body of the future kid, all the necessary nutrients.

In addition, due to the high content of essential for the normal development of the fetal trace elements and vitamins, cranberry juice during pregnancy helps in fighting many problems.Its main feature - additional protection against colds infections, which is extremely necessary in this happy period of life.The most important thing while carrying a child to prevent diseases, so as not to have on the development of the fetus is no negative impact.

And another important advantage cranberry juice is to provide a disinfectant action on the bladder and, of course, the urinary ducts.This is very important in this period, the most favorable for the development of diseases of the genitourinary system.Cranberry juice have been successfully used in the treatment of varicose veins, rheumatism, preeclampsia, toxemia, acute respiratory viral infections, tooth decay, constipation and headaches.

And that's not all the properties of cranberry juice.The list is quite extensive and really impressive.Diuretic, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects of the drink can replace a lot of drugs, and promotes speedy recovery in many pathological conditions and diseases.

Cranberry able to cope with any diseases arsenal, because it:
• Eliminates nausea and swelling
• Increases immunity;
• Enriches the body with vitamins;
• Improves performance and brain activity;
• Activates digestion;•
kills bacteria in the urinary tract and the oral cavity;
• Lowers body temperature.

cooking cranberry juice is not difficult any, even the most distant from the kitchen affairs, man.It is necessary to thoroughly crush ripe berries with sugar, then add water and boil.That's the whole process of making this yummy.Eat Drink between meals, it is desirable, it will contribute to better assimilation of all the necessary vitamins.

cranberry juice during pregnancy - this is a real lifesaver for all women without exception.Keep this in mind and be healthy!