Orthopedic pillow.

Modern man often suffers from a degenerative disc disease that develops in the cervical spine.Symptoms of this disease are varied.The disease can manifest nausea and tinnitus, dizziness and pain in the shoulder, collarbone and neck.Often, the sharp turns of the head man with a form of osteochondrosis loses consciousness.

The cause of the disease is a bad habit - bowing his head, sitting at the computer or reading in public transport.Treat osteochondrosis using combat inflammatory processes.In parallel, produced a variety of actions aimed at minimizing the pain.

prevent and reduce symptoms of osteochondrosis

In order to prevent development of the disease, should follow an active lifestyle, to observe low-calorie diet, get rid of bad habits and try not to lift heavy objects.Important factors in making preventive measures to prevent the development of osteoarthritis are correct posture and preserve correct posture during sleep, which contribute to a comfortable mattress and pillow.

Anatomical products

Orthopedic pillows made for a comfortable stay.Some types of produce high quality polyurethane foam.Such filler ensures that the orthopedic pillow (many customer reviews confirm this fact) is able to eliminate the pain in the neck with osteochondrosis.This provides relaxation and maintenance of the neck muscles.During periods of exacerbation of osteochondrosis and irreplaceable penopoliuritanovaya orthopedic pillow.Feedback from those who bought it, talking about his ability to help with pain and traumatic cervical myelitis.Pillow dense and elastic.

There are anatomical models of the product "Elant."It is an ecological option orthopedic pillows.The filler product is buckwheat husks.In the event that you suffer from insomnia, as well as the neck and headaches, you will certainly help such an orthopedic pillow.Reviews of this eco-friendly product testify to his ability to shoot the overvoltage in muscle tissue.The acquisition of such a product will not sweating during sleep and prevent allergies, which is on the pen, polyurethane foam, foam and other fillers.

produce and lumbar orthopedic pillow.Customer Reviews positively characterize the properties of the product to deliver the great pain of those who suffer not only from osteochondrosis, but lumbodynia, scoliosis, radikuloishemiey and myotonic syndromes.This pillow strapped by means of fixing the strap to the back of the seat.Produce a product of polyurethane foam, firmness and density of which is designed for a comfortable lumbar support.

Pillow orthopedic "Trives" captures the comfortable position of the neck and head during sleep.She developed a special form, which does not allow to deform the cervical spine in a horizontal position.Ligament-muscular system relaxes in human well when you use this orthopedic pillow.Reviews purchased it allows to speak with confidence about the possibility of the product to eliminate pain in the head and neck.Materials for filling the cushion "Trives" is a polyurethane foam.

Pillows for children

Modern industry produces various kinds of anatomical products.Among them are orthopedic pillows for children.The need for them arises in the presence of the physician.These products are used in congenital torticollis, birth injuries, as well as muscle hypertonicity.These baby pillows fixed in position to help the formation of the correct form of the head and relieve pain (in cases of birth injury).The positive impact of such products have on the development of healthy children.