Marmite: what kind of device is used and for what?

subject canteen equipment, which often can be seen in restaurants, called a steam table.It can be rectangular, circular (or oval) shape and capped.Such capacity is intended for cooking, storage and semi-finished products.Not everyone knows about the existence of such a device, its merits and rules of use.And with the help of this device, you can keep the temperature just cooked meals for a long time.

Marmi - what is it?

Marmite - French word, translated it means the pan, pot, kettle.Made of steel or aluminum, a steam table for storing semi-finished products and ready meals.To maintain the temperature of the device is used with stainless steel or silver.

Warmer mainly finds application in the buffets and large receptions, serving, among other dishes, and hot.Its main purpose - to maintain the serving temperature hot on the continuation of a long time.You can be sure, putting food in steam table that it will not burn on her, to be always ready to use and does not weathered.

steam tables

Types There are several types of steam tables.They are intended for supply of various foods.Most often you can find a steam table for the main course.The capacitance of the device usually can be simultaneously put to three different foods, using the container-inserting appropriate size.

to feed soups decided to use a steam table for the first course.This device has a very different kind.At the base of the stand-insert special pots that have a specific form and not thick bottom.

hot drinks and sauces also use a special steam table.What is cooking device can be stationary, mobile or desktop, it follows from its main purpose - to keep the temperature of the prepared dishes.

used steam tables and dining rooms, and kitchens of different institutions.Where the customers are going to flow, the equipment helps to organize a prosperous business.Its use is unreasonable only in high-end restaurants where orders are carried out individually and are works of art.But in this case the steam table is used to store the components of the future of food at the required temperature.

Warmer household

At home desktop operating steam tables are most often used only for hot food and to maintain its optimum temperature.Such kitchen appliances consists of an independent source of heating, the capacity to accommodate the dishes stand-frame and cover.Marmite on buffet table with lighted candles from the bottom looks very stylish and decorates the table, attracting views of interested visitors.There are devices and without heating, the heat is stored in them due to thick double walls.

What else you need to know when choosing a steam table?What this means for the kitchen can still offer a hostess?The buyer can choose the shape, size, type of energy source (gas, electricity or candles) and other features.There are kinds of steam tables with solid surface, adjustable temperature zones.Heat treatment is the traditional (heating surface due to heat transfer) and intensified, with a high coefficient of heat transfer (technology and combined with infrared heating).