Endometriosis and Pregnancy

It is known that after conceiving a child in a woman's body there are certain changes associated with hormonal reorganization.In this connection, it begins to revive all the diseases that previously could be passive and asymptomatic.The most dangerous for the preservation of pregnancy and normal fetal development are gynecological inflammation, as they have a direct effect on the fetus.

often arise gynecological disease - endometriosis.It affects women with disorders of the immune and hormonal systems.Simply put, because of the proliferation of epithelial violations occur outside the uterus and turning it into a kind of education, called a cyst.Detect possible in the female genital organs, and even the bladder.

According to statistics, the disease occurs more often in women age category after forty years.But there are exceptions, and cases where it is found in young girls who have not yet given birth.If a woman regularly takes gynecological examination, the endometriosis and pregnancy can determine


Many experts still argue about the causes of this disease.Some associate it with the feature of the reproductive system of women, in particular, the device and the location of the fallopian tubes, and some believe that genetic predisposition is a determining factor.Whatever it was, but it is a disease and it requires treatment!

Endometriosis and pregnancy linked

In medical practice common cases when a woman can not be a long time to conceive a child, and it connects with infertility.It turns out that this is a simple cyst, which prevents fertilization.Indeed, in the case of such diseases menstrual cycle is as usual, without visible failures, but complete ovulation does not occur.Pregnancy after endometriosis very real phenomenon, the main time to undergo treatment.

Once the cured endometriosis and pregnancy can be planned.Doctors recommend to start preparing immediately, but in the process of conception begin no earlier than six months.To make it flowed well and threats to the fetus was not, the body needs to rest and recover.

If endometriosis and pregnancy was diagnosed at the same time, then it may be a risk of spontaneous interruption.Generally such outcome resulting cyst formed on its zadevshaya or placenta.If, however, experts say that there is no cause for concern, it is necessary to calm down.Endometriosis and pregnancy can coexist harmless, and education itself has no effect on fetal development.In this case, the woman should drink a course of drugs containing hormones.

When endometriosis showed up due to show symptoms, there is a chance to get rid of the disease by laparoscopy.The main symptoms include unusual pain in the abdomen, may be whitish discharge from the breast, and is often a discomfort during intercourse.Endometriosis occurs without symptoms begin to be treated with medications, which include hormonal and anti-inflammatory drugs.

treating physician continuously monitors the results of treatment.If the size of the endometrium during pregnancy has decreased, it is possible to ascertain a positive trend.In this case, the health and the lives of unborn baby can stop worrying and just continue observation and treatment.And of course, you should take care of their own health, even more than usual.And best of all is constantly pass medical examination and to prevent such consequences.