Lessons of fashion and style.

Coat is always relevant and popular article of clothing.And no matter how varied the world fashion, the classic model of this type of outdoor clothing are always in trend.The coat worn by both men and women, both young and people of middle and old age.This item of outerwear classic style is simply obliged to be in every adult.And to the whole image looked elegant and complete, it is important to be able to choose wisely in the set of coats Accessories: Belts, gloves, shoes, bags.But the most important attribute, which should be combined with outerwear of this kind is the headdress.Which types of accessories you can wear complete with a classic coat?This will be discussed in this article.You will learn how to choose the right model hats for women and men's outerwear of this kind.Learn the tips presented stylists, take them on a note and learn to be a stylish and beautiful.

What headdresses are worn with a coat?General rules for the selection of these accessories

Outerwear this species and headgear sh

ould be combined harmoniously and decorate the whole image.This accessory is to hide the shortcomings and problem areas of the face and head in general, but to emphasize their dignity.

Colours cap should overlap with the color of the gloves, belts, bags and shoes.It can also be somewhat lighter tone or accessories or clothing.

important when choosing an ensemble of "coat-cap" to take into account a time like hair color.Brunette to face accessory bright colors.Blonde is better to stop the choice on hats pastel.Natural colors will approach owners of red hair.

size caps should be in proportion to correspond with the growth of man.High volume can wear hats, made of textured materials (hats, berets, caps).People of low growth to face little tight cap.

And the most important rule: hat and coat should not only in harmony with each other, but also to perform its basic function - warming.Therefore, the choice of winter clothes and accessories for them, consider this fact.Choose hats from natural materials, linings and insulation.

Hats under his coat for women: learning to choose the right

Under cashmere coat autumn classic style perfect hat made of felt.Tribly, bowler hat, fedora - all these kinds of hats add the image of extravagance and glamor.What

hats worn with a coat of a woman?Pay attention to the fur hats with earflaps.It is this combination of outer clothing and accessories for the head declared as the leading collections of contemporary designers in recent seasons fashions.Moreover, in this ensemble coat may be made of different materials: wool, leather or fur.

Under classic coat is very well suited knitted hats.But in the choice of this accessory is to consider the type of person.Narrow headgear of fine yarn look beautiful on the head of skinny women.If at the fair sex head is large, it is better to opt for a volume caps of thick thread.

What headdresses are worn with a coat yet?Berets, hats, collars, hoods - all these accessories in harmony with this type of clothing.

Pick up a man's coat headdress

Outerwear this type looks great in combination with accessories such as a narrow knitted cap.For special occasions it can be made of a monochromatic yarn smooth pattern.For everyday wear, you can choose a hat associated relief pattern or ornament.

Today's youth are increasingly at the choice of headgear under his coat opted for caps.For winter is now began to produce these accessories with lining and insulation.Classic coat with a cap in the ensemble and big knitted scarf - an image of a stylish young man of the XXI century.

Men middle and old age is still more prefer this outerwear wear hats.This image has always been, is and will be fashionable, because it is - a classic of the genre.

fur hat is also now considered a suitable accessory to coat.But here in the choice of this accessory is necessary to pay attention to the length of the pile.The cap, which is worn complete with a coat, it should be short, otherwise the head will seem huge and disproportionate compared to other parts of the body.

What headdresses are worn with a coat?We hope that you have the answer to this question and will be able to choose the correct an accessory to his outer clothing.Be beautiful and stylish!