Mouton - what is it?

Winters we have a cold, so it is popular among the Russian women's fur coats Mouton.This fur is made only in Russia on special technology, because it is most suited to our climate.Any woman having fun in winter wear warm light coat.The most common fur coats for the production of modern - Mouton.What it is?

What Mouton

A few decades ago it was called the beaver lamb, but in recent years the same fur after the French word "mouton", which means "sheep".For its production are now using sheepskin imported from Australia.There is growing valuable species of sheep.

Only in our country there is a special processing technology sheepskin.Many hundreds of years our ancestors wore coats and sheepskin coats.It's this fur is the best warm in extreme cold, protects from wind and moisture.But only in the twentieth century we have learned to handle fur, that he was not only warm, but also soft, light and beautiful.Now, even in young girls and fashion designers popular Mouton.What it is?

How do Mouton

To make this fur, sheepskin first shear to the hairs were no more than a centimeter in length.This makes Mouton soft and gentle to the touch.After that, the fur is treated with formalin.This technology exists in Russia, because the world is a substance prohibited.But this treatment imparts special properties of the fur.It is because of them, and is famous for mutton.What is it of interest to many women.

After formalin treatment every hair fur as it is preserved and becomes resistant to moisture and friction.Mouton Coats are the most durable.They transcend the wet snow and strong winds.With proper care such clothes can be worn up to 10 years.In this they win over all other furs.

last stage of manufacturing Mouton - painting.Most often this takes persistent dyes natural colors, sometimes masked by Mouton fox fur or mink.The softness and shine it makes such fur coats are very beautiful and indistinguishable from the road.Because the cost of Mouton is much lower than other furs, and it is available to everyone.Russian manufacturers produce a variety of options for men, women and children's clothing to suit every taste and wealth.

Where to buy and how to choose a fur coat from Mouton

If you are wondering about where to buy mutton, pay attention only to the well-known shops, because the market can buy a fake.The best factory for the production of fur is considered Pyatigorsk, so look for products of this particular manufacturer.Many women when choosing a winter coat to remember that the best furs for our climate - is mutton.How to choose it?You can give some advice.

1. To check the quality of fur nibble it a little, walk hand against the hair growth.Hairs should not break in and out.If you squeeze the bottle in the palm of your hand, the high-quality mutton not slipnetsya and quickly adopt the original appearance.

2. To check the quality of the painting, draw on the bright fur scarf.It should not remain traces.

3. It is important to the quality of welds.They should be palpable - this shows that the cross-linked coat, not glued.At the same time too bulging seams will hinder you.

4. Lining and insulation must also be of high quality.Often, in order to facilitate the product put less insulation, this will be worse than the coat warm you in the cold.

5. Be sure to check the labels and the labels.If you want to buy a fur coat from a reputable manufacturer, ask the seller a certificate and be sure to bring the warranty card.

is no coincidence that the Nordic countries has become very popular Mouton.What is it, yet do not know everything, but in many families there are things sheepskin treated in a special way.These products are warm, light and beautiful.