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LIC, scarf-tube collar - is the name of the same accessory.Today, this thing is in vogue.It is worn by all: young and old, boys and girls.In stores you can find Snudy made of different materials: knitted fabric, cotton, wool, velvet and even fur.But most important are the knitted scarf.The latest collections of many fashion designers such accessories occupy a place of honor.How to wear a scarf-tube?What clothing combines this article of clothing?Let's deal with these issues right now, right here.

scarf-tube: little stories

first such accessories appeared in the Middle Ages.The women covered their head, neck and shoulders.They did it is not the purpose of warm and to maximize head and face hidden from view of others.The newly-collar scarf has become a very popular accessory in the 80 years of the last century.Initially, it was considered part of the motorcycle gear racers, skiers, hunters, explorers.This accessory is fond of consumers so that it began to be worn as an everyday garment.

How to wear a scarf-tube the fair sex?Tips and tricks

The main advantage of this accessory is that it can be worn under any cloak.Sport jacket, windbreaker will look good in an ensemble with a long, narrow scarf knitted, wrapped around the neck two or three times.

classic style coat well with and complements a wide knitted LIC.The image will become more feminine, this accessory if you cover your head.If this type of outerwear solid color, then try to trim it a bright scarf.The strip, cell, pattern on a canvas collar in this embodiment, a very welcome.

very well with summer clothes cotton or silk scarf-tube (see photo).How to wear such an accessory?In this case, the clamp serves a decorative role and looks like a decoration in the form of beads or a necklace, but not as a piece of clothing.Such a collar can be worn on T-shirts, dresses.

LIC though is itself scarves and hats at the same time, but looks great, complete with cap and mittens made of the same material.In addition, today's young people today introduced a new fashion of wearing the collar.They put one such accessory on his neck and the other on the head.It obtains an unusual but very stylish.

not do without a collar and owners of fur coats.How to wear a scarf-tube with this type of outerwear?If the gate is fastened tightly around his neck, then they put a collar on top of it, winding around his neck twice.If the coat has a round or V-neck, the scarf can be worn under it, covering his neck.With fur outerwear will look good Snudy hand-knitted.

Male scarf-tube: how and to whom to wear?

No special rules of male wearing no collar.Its principle "winding" is the same as that of the female similar accessories.The main condition - is that the man was comfortable and pleasant to wear.Today, young people increasingly prefer the accessories are usually classic scarf.This is not surprising, because the LIC - is not only stylish and beautiful, but also very convenient.This scarf can be seen on the neck of the student-botany, respectable professor, a bartender at the club, biker.This suggests that the clamps like all categories of people, regardless of age and social status.

And if you still think how to wear a scarf-tube, the answer is one - wear it as you like.This thing is combined with any clothes, shoes and accessories.Create your image of yourself and be always beautiful and unique.