Fashion - the fabric of the present and future

Speaking of artificial tissue, not to mention a new generation material that has high performance and practical features.This fashion - fabric, relatively recently emerged from experiments with viscose.

upgraded viscose

As you know, the raw material for the cellulose viscose, which is produced from wood rather complicated way.Modal production costs without chlorine-containing substances.The fiber itself does not contain any harmful impurities.Constructed from a modified modern fabric fashion composed - 100 percent cellulose of beech or eucalyptus wood, in a sense, it can be considered a natural product and certainly recommend to fans of environmentally friendly materials.

main material quality

fashion - in every sense of the fabric remarkable.It is stronger at break than viscose and a half times the hygroscopicity of cotton, practically is not subject to shrinkage.Even after numerous washings and remains soft for a long time does not lose its original color.

On smoothness and shine modal c

ompetes with silk, and ease of fiber is simply unique.Hard to believe: 10 thousand meters of yarn modal fiber weigh only 1 gram!Products made of a very light, despite the high density.Modal fiber has good hygienic quality because of its hygroscopic properties and the ability to quickly evaporate moisture.


fashion - the fabric, which itself can be used for the manufacture of bed linen, home and sportswear, but the best quality fiber manifested in mixed variants, eg with cotton.Perfectly combined with other fibers, modal improves their positive characteristics.Products made of these fabrics do not wrinkle, preserve the uniformity and firmness of structure, even after prolonged use, they are soft, velvety to the touch and cause a pleasant feeling to the touch.Modal property has a slightly cooling the skin, which is especially valuable for bed linen in the summer heat.Fabrics are ideal for service, home and hotel textiles: bed covers, bath sheets, towels, bathrobes, rugs in the bathroom, bags for sanitary and bathroom accessories and so on.. In addition, modal is often used in the manufacture of hosiery,that due to the presence of the fibers have excellent health indicators.

Benefits modal

So, sweep up, what qualities distinguish modal among other materials:
• makes the fabric soft and smooth to the touch;
• gives the product a soft luster;
• loses elasticity, does not shrink;
• things comfortable to wear, thanks to "a cooling" effect and hygroscopic not cause skin irritation;
• allows you to maintain the brightness of colors for a long time, things do not fade and do not fade;
• Minimal "creasing".

fashion - tissue present and the future, a wonderful invention of the textile.It meets all the standards and the highest standards and is widely used in the garment industry.