Thermal insulation "Thinsulate".

In 1978, the American company "ZM" has invented a unique insulation "Thinsulate".It was designed for suits of astronauts.The main characteristic of this material is its extraordinary lightness combined with high thermal insulation.

These criteria were decisive in the choice of equipment for open space.

heater name comes from two English words.It is «thin», which means thin, and «insulation» - insulation.Currently, the material "Thinsulate" is used very widely.Use it when sewing warm clothing, including children.

The principle of insulation "Thinsulate»

reviews about the products is made with the use of this material indicates that it is warmer down.Filler "Thinsulate" is designed as a plexus of very thin (thinner than a human hair ten times) fibers.The total amount of insulation they are given little space.But while these fibers create a kind of air cushion.It was she who provides protection against the cold.The fibers used in the manufacture of conventional polyester considerably thicker.In t

his regard, they have a larger volume in a product with lower insulating properties.

fibrous material "Thinsulate" structurally hollow.This gives them the opportunity to not be filled with water when wet, while continuing to hold the air.This characterization of the material allows it to perfectly retain heat even when wet.

Benefits material "Thinsulate»

comments about clothes sewn with this unique vehicle, evidence of its ability to warm even in the most severe frosts.

withstand such things temperature to minus thirty degrees.Some types of material "Thinsulate" can keep warm even in cold shestidesyatigradusnye.

This synthetic filler is very easy.These properties are great kids active.Clothing and Accessories for "Tinsuleyte" will not hamper their movements.The ability of a material to keep warm even when wet allows its use in tailoring suits and jackets for slushy winters.

Clothing, which uses lining "Thinsulate", often moving from older to younger children.This is due to the quality of the material is very important - it does not lose its qualities after numerous washings.

filler quickly restores shape and are not crushed.An important characteristic of the material "Thinsulate" is its hypoallergenic.At the same time it is very environmentally friendly.Terms

care filler "Thinsulate»

Reviews holders clothes, where the lining of the insulation used, talking about the possibility of things in the washing machine with a product extraction.Thus it is necessary to establish sparing mode with a small number of turns.When washing is recommended to use water at a temperature of not more than forty degrees, and mild detergent.Products with this filler may be submitted to the cleaners.

certain way should be dried clothes that used "Thinsulate".User reviews recommended to place it away from radiators.At the same time it must be in the expanded form.The clothes on this can be ironed a heater, the temperature of the sole which does not exceed sixty degrees.