Scottish pryamouhie cat: a description of the breed

Everyone who once saw a kitten of breed Scottish pryamouhie, could not stay indifferent.This is, without doubt, the most charming and graceful feline.

little history

Scottish Fold - very young breed.She appeared in 1961.At about the same period as a result of cross-breeding them with the "British" appeared and Scottish pryamouhie cat.For over thirty years the breed has not received official recognition.Only in 2004 it was adopted by the Russian felinologists breed standard.


Scottish pryamouhie has a dense, compact and well-proportioned body.Round head with large and expressive eyes, round cheeks and chin.Eyes are always saturated colors corresponding to the color of the animal.Small erect, ears wide at the base.Their ends are slightly rounded.The neck is thick and short.Shotlanskaya pryamouhie is short and sturdy limbs.The coat is soft and silky, medium length is not too thick undercoat.Color can be varied, as in "British".

Scottish pryamouhie: character

These amazing animals are ver

y sociable and good-natured.They love to be in the limelight, happy to communicate with children and with adults.In his youth, is incredibly active: the clock can be worn around the room with a toy or imaginary butterfly.A very intelligent: they are easily accustomed to the tray and scratching posts.

Scottish stayt: care

This is a fairly undemanding to care for the animal.It should be two to three times a week to comb wool.Bathe no more than once a week.You can give a vitamin complex for wool.

Scottish pryamouhie:

feeding your cat's health depends on the correct diet.Scottish pryamouhie needs regular food.Products and schedule depend on the age of the animal.What to feed a kitten Scottish pryamouhie?Very tiny pet fed normal infant formula.After two months of dairy products should be limited.As long as your baby will not be executed three months, it is necessary to feed at least six times a day.The total weight of food - 150 grams.Up to six months of a kitten being fed four times a day - the daily amount of about 250 grams of food.Adult Scottish pryamouhie must be powered at least twice a day.

than to feed adult cat?

strictly prohibited feeding of animal products from the table.This will accustom her to begging, from which it is impossible to cure."Human" products can harm the animal.Diversify the diet cat can be a variety of cat food but dry.They must get vitamins and minerals from food and eat natural food.It is useful to give her raw meat (about 20-30 grams per day).Before that, it should be frozen to kill all the germs.The diet should include liver and offal, fish and vegetables.

If you have decided to get a kitten, the best Scottish pryamouhie you will not find.This gentle, cheerful animal will be your best friend.