Dogs Commander - Ideal guards

For centuries in Hungary, in her pastoral areas.We lived three types of herding dogs, the most famous of which are dogs Commander.They are considered the most direct descendants of the Shepherd that the Hungarian tribes during the migration found in the south of ancient Russia, in the steppes.

Dogs Commander - strong and powerful animals.Their height at the withers is 80 centimeters, and volume and a thick woolen blanket visually increases the already impressive dimensions of the giant.

This herding dog breed.Commander is one of those animals, which just will not pass on the street - sensing danger, he did not hesitate for a second, leaving the battle, protecting the host.However, it is difficult to imagine a brave man who dares to come close to such a formidable man's best friend.

Dogs Commander is so fearless that they did not confuse the size of the enemy.They will fight to the death, even if they are superior in strength.This quality was worked out in them for centuries.Ever since then, when t

hey were used as defenders of the flocks of sheep from forest predators.

This is an amazing breed of dog!Commander (photo presented in this article will help to get an idea of ​​the exterior of the four-legged friend) has thick hair that grows all his life.It gradually formed into long "dreadlocks," which is impossible to comb.But the owner will have to divide it into strands - otherwise simply matted fur.Fully "dreadlocks" will form only two years.These animals do not comb brushes and hands only divide the hair on the cords.

Bathe this giant should be no more than twice a year, with special shampoos.Unusual woolen cover allows the dog to easily transfer the cold and bad weather.Wool has the effect of thermos - animal peremerzaet winter and not too suffered from the summer heat.His fur is so dense that it is difficult to hurt the animal, even machetes.

According to the existing standards of the dog may be the only Commander color - white.Puppies are born with wavy hair cream.Type of hair completely changes for the nine months, the same changes and color, and are beginning to form "dreadlocks."

Anyone wishing to purchase this puppy should be aware that this dog is not intended for the apartment.She must live in the house frequently with a large yard.Commander will not be able to walk on a leash on the sidewalk - it needs freedom!The dog must run around and frolic enough to be in good physical shape.

in their familiar surroundings for dogs Commander is quite peaceful animals are very affectionate with the owners.They are ideal for children's nurses.Animals differ in strong character, and therefore should be brought up in severity.At the very young age, the puppy will try to outwit the owner and establish the order.But when he realizes that this did not happen, then unconditionally accept the rules of behavior in their new home, and will never be broken.Commander Dogs are very intelligent, well aware of his master, not only at a glance, but poluvzglyada.A devotion to her - is limitless ... Therefore, we can conclude that the dog will become your true friend - loyal, kind and loyal.