What's the smartest dog in the world

the first time a list of the most intelligent dogs was a Canadian psychology professor Stanley Coren in 1994, his book "The Intelligence of Dogs" has stood for 16 editions and was awarded the translation into 26 languages, including Russian, unfortunately, no.

criteria by which the author defined the mental abilities of dogs, only three: the instinctive intelligence, adaptive intelligence and obedience intelligence.The author argues that this assessment is quite subjective, given that many breeds have been specifically bred to perform certain tasks.For example, hunting and sled dogs have a lower propensity to perform certain orders because of their work the main thing - it's independence and ability to make decisions quickly.The smartest dog in the world, according to Stanley Coren, should be well trained and able to carry out all the orders of the owner.Canadian identified several groups of dogs.The following are not all, but only some of the most famous varieties.

  1. Species that have the lowest ab
    ility to learn.This means that the development team requires a pet order of hundreds of repetitions, but on their performance from the first time not less than 25%.The list includes such dogs as the Basenji, Russian Borzoi, Beagle, Pekingese, English Bulldog, Mastiff, dachshund, Chows, Shih Tzu and others.
  2. next group - it's a dog, have the ability below average.They need to memorize commands 40-80 repetitions, and the percentage of completion exceeds the mark of 30: Chihuahuas, St. Bernard, Scottish Terrier, French Bulldog, Italian greyhound, Skye Terrier, Pug, Chinese Crested Dog and others.
  3. Average capacity for training (25-40 reps, and 50% success rate) showed such dogs as: Australian shepherd, Irish Wolfhound, pointer, terrier, the American and the English Foxhound, Greyhound, shar pei, Boxer, Great Dane, dachshund, Pointer,Siberian Husky and others.
  4. following is a list of rocks, pick up to the title of "the smartest dog in the world" a little closer.It is representative of the breed, whose capacity for training, according to the judges of the United States and Canada, estimated above average: Yorkshire terrier, bearded collie, Australian Terrier, Miniature Pinscher, Dalmatian, English Setter, Samoyed dog.
  5. to the rank of "the smartest dog in the world" do not have lasted a dog with different abilities: Pomeranian, Bernese Mountain Dog, English Cocker Spaniel, Kurzhaar, American Cocker Spaniel, belgian shepherd dog, schnauzer, collie, miniature schnauzer, Welsh corgi.
  6. Finally, dogs, excellent in taming.They need at least 5 reps for practicing the new team, and the percentage of their performance ranges from 95% and above.In the category of "the most intelligent little dog breed" leading representatives of the breed Papillon (8th place) and a poodle (2nd).However, as noted above, obedience - not the most necessary quality for lapdogs.Here, the palm belongs official dogs: German Shepherd (3rd place), Rottweiler (9th), Labrador (7), Doberman (5).The title is "the smartest dog in the World" won the herding breeds - the Border Collie.