The best dog breed for your child

question about what breeds of dogs suitable for children, sooner or later confronts the majority of parents.The reason for this can serve the desire of both the offspring and other family members.Before proceeding directly to the theme of "breed of dog for the child" and the selection of specific embodiments, it is necessary to pay attention not some aspects.

child's age. Whatever may have been persistent requests from the child, it is necessary first of all to remember that pet - it's a very big responsibility and constant worries.Whatever may have been an independent kid, most of the care for animals will fall on the shoulders of parents.Buying food, swimming, trips to the vet early walks - the majority of these operations simply can not afford a child 7-10 years, not to mention the preschoolers.What to say about very young children?For them, the dog rather cheerful companion for games than the pet, for which you need to constantly take care of.Therefore, should choose among those species that do n

ot differ in the care of whimsicality.

family's financial resources. not always breed dog, suitable for children, their parents can afford.The question is not so much the price of the animal itself, but in the value of its content.

What kind of dog breed for your child fits best?

answer unambiguously the question is simply impossible.Spaniel owners argue that it is they, the owners of poodles, it was their favorites.You can continue indefinitely.If the parents and the child does not have any particular preference or they came to the conclusion that they previously selected rock is not quite right for them, you should pay attention to the following list of dogs.He compiled on the basis of long-term observations.And do not be confused by all these animals - representatives of large rocks.Often small dogs bring their owners a lot more trouble than large, because of their fragility and rigor.


This breed of dog for a child will be a reliable and devoted friend.However, it will also apply to other family members.Importantly, the collie is quite unpretentious.The only thing that may be difficult with the owner of the dog - a regular combing her hair.Being very affectionate with the owners, Collie, however, are very distrustful of strangers, so if the house is often the guests, it is better to refrain from buying this breed.


lovely breed to the baby.It is as unpretentious care, like a collie, but more peaceful and cheerful.Labrador is better to buy those families whose members are willing to devote a lot of time walking the dog.The breed is created for the games with the kids.But we must remember that its representatives are quite large and are not always able to correctly calculate the force.We do not recommend this breed of dog for a child is not very active and prefer quiet games.


Mighty become a straight face that dogs speak for themselves.Calm and balanced character of the animals, they are ideal for families, even with the youngest children.