Perfume Eclat d Arpege perfume house Lanvin

Founder of one of the oldest fashion houses in Europe - Lanvin - was the 22-year-old Frenchwoman Jeanne Lanvin, which opened in 1890 hat studio.The refined and sophisticated design of its models was created is appreciated buyers.As Jeanne lived quite modestly, that she had to sew clothes to his family.This lesson she liked, but she received a special pleasure, creating outfits for her little daughter - Merzherit.

for baby Jeanne sewed small copies of adult clothes, as it was in those days accepted.She created a special flying and air clothes using fabric saturated colors and decorations that are appropriate to children's clothing.As a result, Joan became the world's first designer, who was able to share adult and children's fashion.

Joan was very fine and creative nature, she loved art, admired the works of Renoir and Viyyara.This could not affect her work.It creates a great clothes for high society.Corporate color of the house Lanvin - lavender with purple tint.

In 1913, Jeanne offers a Parisian

tired of heavy dresses and prim, light dresses to the ankles.They became very popular and in great demand.Popularity house Lanvin is growing rapidly.

Since 1925 Jeanne begins to try your hand at creating a perfume fragrance.In the next few years the company has created a series of different flavors that find its admirers in the different sectors of society.Lanvin perfume line in classic style, so have full confidence in the fact that the interest in it on the part of buyers will last for many years.

In 1927, the company creates his masterpiece - the legendary feminine perfume Arpege, which refers to the aldehyde floral scent.The popularity of this composition could be the envy of many masters of perfumery art.This is a classic, which fascinates its splendor for a few decades.

composition Eclat d Arpege was created in 2002 as a new interpretation of the famous fragrance.Spirits have very subtle and delicate scent, which embodied the beauty of summer in Paris in the morning, when the horizon appears the first thin strip of light pink and the air is filled with purity.

Eclat d Arpege Lanvin was created as a tribute to the creator of this great brand and the 70th anniversary of the iconic fragrance.

Refined composition Lanvin Eclat d Arpege captivates and enchants all.It is hard to imagine a woman who would remain indifferent to this delicate floral notes.This smell is unique - it all in moderation, no frills.

The top notes Eclat d Arpege sounds gentle lilac and Sicilian lemon leaves juicy in the heart of the fragrance is glowing red peony, wisteria flowers and peach flavor completes the trail of the chord of musk, amber and cedar of Lebanon.

smell of Eclat d Arpege Paris is like the dawn, when the sky slowly turns pale lilac hues, and the air is fragrant freshness.

bottle Eclat d Arpege is quite original.The unique fragrance bottle is enclosed in a spherical shape, which is crowned by a large white stone, and two metal ring, which symbolize the union of perfumes and haute couture.