History Paco Rabanne

Francisco de Rabanne da Cuervo, known to all as Paco Rabanne, who was born in Spain in 1934.During the Civil War, and his mother left for France, where Paco graduated from the School of Fine Arts and received a degree in architecture in 1964.His career as a designer began in 1965 when he presented his collection of twelve experimental dresses, among which was a dress made of plastic.

In the sixties of the twentieth century, Paco Rabanne was in demand as a costume designer for theater, film and ballet.One of his most famous creations of that time was the costume for Jane Fonda in the science fiction film "Barbarella."Although the style of Paco felt strange and outlandish, his design work had a great influence on fashion and expanded its boundaries.In the seventies, Paco the first to use black girls as models at that time was considered quite shocking.

However, Paco Rabanne activity was not limited only to fashion design.In 1969, he released his first fragrance called «Calandre».His spirits, like eve

rything else, whatever he was doing, reflect the personality of its creator and shocking.So, Calandre joined the smell of roses and metal taste.In 1973, a new creation of Paco Rabanne - perfume for men Paco Rabanne pour Homme, combining the smell of wood and flowers.They have become a breakthrough in the world of perfumery.Then began to appear more and more new flavors.Now in total there are more than thirty-six species.

In 1989 Paco Rabanne was awarded the Golden Thimble for the first International Festival of Fashion.He got it for the creation of designer clothing, decorated with unusual materials, such as cotton towels, corrugated paper, ostrich feathers, aluminum and others.One year after receiving the award Paco opened a boutique in Paris.Together with the architect Eric Raffy they developed an interior that combines three themes: metal, glass and light.During this period Paco moved away from the use of metal and plastic in their design work and began to resort to artificial fabric softer materials.

addition to these talents Paco Rabanne opened to people and another.He wrote the book.In them, he described his search for spiritual understanding.The most famous works of steel «Trajectoire» 1991 «Journey: From One Life to Another» 1997.In his writings, Paco showed his deep interest in mysticism, astrology and God.

In 1999, the famous designer has decided to retire.Before that, there was a new fragrance Paco Rabanne - Ultraviolet, who literally became classics of world perfumery.Being retired, couturiers became interested in another creative activity - painting.Exhibitions of his paintings were including in Russia.In the last decade Paco is actively engaged in public life, participating in actions to support AIDS patients.He continues to design clothes and sometimes creates clothes for famous people.In 2010, Paco Rabanne was the National Legion of Honour, which is the largest award in France.However, his homeland, he still believes Spain.He repeatedly offered to take the citizenship of France, but he always refused, arguing that he did not want to upset their parents.