Acqua Di Gioia - a combination of freshness and cleanliness

Today perfume from the fashion house Armani can be regarded as a product, which is popular all over the world.However, the focus of the fashion house is not limited to the release of only one perfume.Armani is engaged in clothing, creating unique collections of footwear, caring for the body, the production of accessories, watches and handbags.In 1934 he born the founder of the fashion house.Once in 1957, Giorgio Armani served in the army, he enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine.However, after three years, I realized that medicine is far from it, and dropped out of school to engage in window dressing in one of the largest stores in Italy at the time.It is the beginning of a career had subsequently known designer.After 10 years, the world has been presented the first collection of clothes.

Today Armani perfumes popular in many countries around the world and find the fragrance in the store is not difficult.Italian designer offers his fans a huge range where everyone can find something special.Aromas are v

aried, so each has its own version.To date, it produced more than sixty fragrances of the fashion house.

In 2010, the fragrance Acqua Di Gioia celebrated its 15th anniversary.The fashion house has decided that such an event to celebrate, and released a new, significantly upgraded version.House Armani Acqua Di Gioia has changed completely, leaving only the name of its predecessor.During the release of the perfume on him made a significant bet.Forecasts of experts agree that it should not only repeat, but to surpass the success of its predecessor.

As part of the new perfume Acqua Di Gioia, you can feel the mint, lemon, jasmine, incense, sugar cane, cedar, peonies.The bottle has also been greatly transformed over the old version.The novelty is elegant, it is very easy to handle.In addition, the packaging was chosen for heavy-duty glass, which does not allow the bottle to break with a strong fall.The fair sex are given the opportunity to choose a bottle of three options: 30, 50 and 100 ml.These figures volume has long been accepted as standards and familiar to many perfume houses.

Creation Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gioia, the price is very democratic, popular among a huge number of beautiful ladies.For one bottle can be given from 2 to 3 thousand. Rubles.It is possible that very soon the Russian stores will sell testers favorite flavors.Less beautiful packaging is very pleasing price.Eau de Toilette Acqua Di Gioia presents a combination of warmth and freshness, which is comparable with the wonderful feeling when a running jump into the cool water just under the hot sun.

This fragrance is designed for the fair sex, the age of which can range from 18 to 45 years (although, of course, these are rather conventional border).The main thing is to be judge of the combination of heat, freshness and cleanliness.My toilet water more fresh, and it can be safely attributed to water flavors.That is why the perfume is versatile, and its target audience is wide as the age, and for stylistic boundaries.