An unforgettable fragrance "Gucci Rush"

company Gucci is one of those well-known brands that succeed to have gone a long and thorny path.They have experienced ups and downs, so it is well known the price of success.It attracts and intoxicates, it is an incentive for hard work.It is no secret that many large companies began with small shops and workshops, but thanks to the irrepressible desire of their creators certainly succeed, they turn into huge companies and corporations.

first fragrance company "Gucci" released in 1974.The debut was a success.However, for some reason, this perfume company experiments suspended for long twenty years.We can not say that the flavors have not been made, but they were few.

In 1995, the company produces Gucci Accenti - amazing floral-fruity fragrance for women.This brand new back-deserved popularity in the world of perfumery.All of the following scents are stylish and luxurious.Thanks to the new items appear almost every year, the interest in them continues unabated.

In 1999, the famous brand has launche

d a new fragrance "Gucci Rush", which celebrates female sensuality.Lady with a strong personality is not difficult to be in the spotlight.It's just in their nature is sexy and attractive.Her heart - a clot of passions, and its flavor is not just beckons, it burns.

Sensual and bright "Gucci Rush" is required to give you a powerful boost of good sunny mood.As if by magic, he will paint the most gray day.If you want to surprise and conquer the hearts of men, this fragrance created especially for you.Its magnificent scent will add a little spice to you and charm.

Arrangement "Gucci Rush" is made up of fresh and delicate aromas of fruit and flowers, reinforced wood chords and ends with air hints of freesia, mandarin, rose, magnolia, cedar and musk.

then the company has created a pair perfume - fragrance "Gucci Rush" for men.They appeared on the shelves of perfumeries in 2000.Perfume is devoted to active members of the stronger sex.The composition is based on the original contradiction of cold and hot music, but adding fresh scent makes it a classic.This fragrance was created for gentlemen, which is the most important impeccable manners and graceful style.Bouquet composition successfully combines warm notes of cypress and a little cool accents fragrant lavender heart notes combined cedar and sandalwood, and loop intertwined sandalwood, patchouli and gray musk.

In 2001, the company released another fragrance the same series - "Gucci Rush 2".This is a charming fragrance of musk and narcissus, which excites and gives happiness.The composition was created Michel Almayrak.Bright and expressive packaging draw your attention to these spirits.The fragrance for women.The composition opens with fresh notes of narcissus and freesia in his heart - lily, black currant flavor in the loop - a palm tree, musk and oak moss.

Spirits "Gucci" Rush intoxicate others.They heard the challenge and provocation.An exotic cocktail of flowers inexplicably transformed into an elegant and subtle trail.