Bioderma Sebium - Cosmetics for oily skin

Unfortunately, rough skin oily, clogged pores and acne - is not uncommon.Even though these problems often occur in adolescence, when the body weight of hormonal changes occur, they often appear in adulthood.It was to combat these defects and the drug was created line of cosmetics Bioderma Sebium.

For a start it is worth noting that today the cosmetics company "Bioderma" is considered one of the best manufacturers of therapeutic agents for skin care.Many dermatologists prescribe these drugs to address those or other skin problems.These products are used in more than 65 countries.

Series Bioderma Sebium includes several tools, the use of which ensures optimal care of your skin.Of course, experts recommend the use of several developments.

Bioderma Sebium. Cleansing Mousse

It is perfectly holders of oily and combination skin.In its composition it is plant-based, and sulfides of copper, zinc and active fluids that are perfectly able to affect the skin tissue, gently cleansing and reducing

the amount of fat excreted.

gumming gel from Bioderma Sebium

This tool is designed for deep cleansing, suitable for oily skin with enlarged pores and acne.As for the composition, the salicylic acid is present and flyuidaktiv, polyethylene microspheres (as the abrasive particles), and glycolic acid.This tool gently removes dirt and comedones, copes with black dots.In addition, the active components normalize the sebaceous glands and accelerate the processes of cell regeneration.

Cream Bioderma Sebium

After deep cleansing the skin must be treated by a cream.It contains salicylic acid and zinc, which are ideally suited for oily and combination skin with enlarged pores and acne.Cream has antiseptic properties, quickly reduces inflammation, removes redness and protects against pustular processes.

Matting emulsion Bioderma Sebium

This cosmetic product created especially for applying make-up, because oily skin is quite difficult to choose the right foundation.It quickly adapts to the natural skin tone by lining color.In addition, thanks to matte elements, it eliminates shine and absorbs excess sebum.

Bioderma sebium hydra

Even oily skin needs constant moisture.With this purpose, and was created a cream that contains vitamin E and kelp extract.Not only does it gently moistens tissues, but also reduces inflammation and protects against harmful environmental factors.

Bioderma sebium : consumer reviews

Typically, patients using funds in this series, are happy with the result.Regular use of cosmetics developments for oily skin problem really positive impact on the tissues, helps to get rid of acne and persistent inflammation.The only disadvantage is the price - such products are not affordable for everyone.