Michaelmas Traditions

We know little about the world of angels, because in the Bible about them almost nothing written.This invisible world created by God before the world was made visible.

Who are the angels?

are spiritual beings, endowed with will, intellect and power.The word "angel" literally means "messenger," that is God's messenger.Even the angels - it is for the people and asylum-warriors who are fighting for the Creator.If an angel has the prefix "arch" means that it has a higher rank.

Who is Michael?

Michael the archangel - chief among archangels.On it there are mentions in the New and the Old Testament.They call him "the prince", he acts as the main fighter against all the world's evil.That Michael won the battle against Lucifer and other fallen angels who were cast into hell.

As noted Michaelmas?

this holy day falls on November 21 (November 8, Old Style).The date itself is symbolic.November - is the ninth month in a row of March (in the old days in March, began the new year).It is believed that

in the service of the Almighty 9 ranks of angels, and the eighth number symbolizes the gathering of all the forces of heaven on Judgement Day.

first Michaelmas Day was celebrated in the year 363, after the decision of one of the church councils.Archangel Michael was the patron of our country in the fight against foreign invaders.In honor of him in Russia it was built many churches.At Michaelmas and the aristocracy and the common people, and even kings were going to the temple.They glorified the gods and, in particular, the angels who protect us.

How is the holiday?

While serving in the Michaelmas hymns in honor of the good deeds of angels at all times.The priest tells the audience about the seven major angels, the first of which is considered to be the archangel Michael.During the service all the Orthodox parishioners partake.

Festive meal

then arranged a feast in honor of the Archangel Michael and the other messengers of God.If the holiday took place in the village feast it is usually done in the house of village head.He had a big house and a rich harvest.In addition to reading the prayer to the Archangel Michael, was held to discuss the results of the year, and to take urgent decisions.In addition, talks instructive stories about love for one's neighbor, patience and humility.Owners of the house was covered with a magnificent table for the celebration, which was crammed with all sorts of snacks and hot dishes.Michael's Day - a holiday, which takes place not in a fast day, so you can prepare any of the products, including meat.

the table guests were located strictly in accordance with their social status.Notable people sat closer to the master of the house, and those who were lower-income, sat on.The same applies to age.Life experience and seniority are respected.

holiday starts the landlord, who raised the first glass of wine.First served porridge, soups and then and only then fed guests with tea and cakes.To all the guests had the tea, boiled a huge samovar.

In Michaelmas helped the needy: treated them and made small gifts.This holiday was one of the main Christian Orthodox celebrations in Russia.