Hurry to live with "Gucci Rush"!

Less than two years after the release of the composition "Gucci Rush" (1999), she became a hundred of the most popular and purchased fragrances.The first word of the title refers to a fashionable home accessory to Gucci, the second - in English the word - meaning "rush."The name is very accurate, because the smell gives energy, just positive charges.Bottle of bright red glass is not for nothing is the original form of cassette tapes (in the 90s they were still in use) and would like to press the "Fast Forward", to quickly view the entire range of perfume.

What we hear on the tape "Gucci Rush"?Perfumer Michel almayrac, to create a fragrance - a real composer.First, it makes sound feminine floral notes - California gardenia and South African mills.While Overture has stretched string vibrates, already enters fruity and sweet peach flavor - a spontaneous and unexpected.Melody continues to play, and has been replaced by freesia and gardenia come subtle flavors of jasmine and a few aggressive smells of Tu

rkish rose, which restrains a little coriander.Base fragrance - sweet, dry, chypre.Woody notes of oak moss do not sound like a man: they soften and become lighter in conjunction with vanilla, vetiver and patchouli to create a sense of romance with some admixture of sensuality.

A year after women's perfume fragrance appeared "Gucci Rush for Men", immediately won the hearts of men of all ages.This composition is interesting because in the spicy and woody base of sandalwood, mixed with white musk and patchouli, superimposed heart note - white cedar, juniper, sandalwood and languid.Chypre fragrance and sounds in the upper octave - green and spicy scent of cypress and incense sacred.But that did not smell of men forest faun, authors Daniel Roche and Antoine Meyzondyu attracted to the choir soprano lavender flowers.

The composition is surprisingly courageous, energetic, but at the same time warm.This feeling flush, soft as the pace of the tiger, cat's grace is especially felt in the plume of the fragrance of sandalwood, musk and patchouli, which warms not only the owner, but also others.Aroma done in "hot spots", lasts about 14 hours.Men's fragrance "Gucci Rush", reviews of which only enthusiastic, attractive to its extraordinary magnetism.Some users see in their similarity to the toilet water from "Kenzo" of this type, but most believe that the smell of "Gucci" is unique and individual.

Flushed with success classic "Rush", a fashion house Gucci in 2001, decided to do a remake of female spirits, which are called - "Gucci Rush 2".However, this is not a marketing ploy squeezing profits from the popular flavor - a novelty in itself is interesting, and even not afraid to say so, is superior to "the first series."From predecessor preserved only form of the bottle, and he became dark pink.However, Michel almayrac decided to move away from the classic vertical pyramid of smells - the composition disclosed immediately, as if "horizontal", giving all the components at the same time feel.

In the women's perfume "Gucci Rush 2" entwined floral (freesia, rose, narcissus, lily of the valley, lily of the field), wood (oak moss, palm), fruit (blackcurrant) and spicy (white noble musk) flavors.Again: it all sounds the same time, a powerful chorus.These spirits are created for the young and relaxed hunter adventure, they are bright, but not aggressive, light and tender.They can be used during the day, under a light summer dress (while the classic "Rush" is more suitable for evening dresses in autumn and winter).