«Missha BB Cream» - the most popular means for beautiful skin

Today «Missha BB Cream» is considered one of the best tools of its kind.The efficiency and at the same time affordable price makes this product very popular Korean women around the world.

For a start it is worth noting that, like any BB cream, this tool is not just for skin care but also to mask the shortcomings and align the pitch.By the way, these funds were first created for women in the rehabilitation after plastic surgery - they can be used to hide the traces of the time of surgery.It was further pointed out that BB creams also help fight acne.

Such funds have become popular in Korea, and only then appeared in European markets.And now «Missha BB Cream» is the most popular Korean products.So what effect can be expected from "Photoshop in a tube?"

«Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream»: composition and description

As mentioned above, this tool helps solve a lot of problems.It is used for daily skin care as well as for concealment of certain of its defects.The cream produced in vials

at 20 or 50 ml.Each tube is equipped with a convenient dispenser (usually for the treatment of facial skin lacks the means 1-2 servings), which allows you to use the drug sparingly.

As for the composition, there is contained not only standard components but also hyaluronic acid, collagen, adenosine, which makes the skin more elastic.Present and medicinal components, in particular extracts of rosemary, eggs, chamomile and algae, as well as macadamia oil, jojoba seed oil rose.Such multifunctional composition allows care for the skin, gradually restoring its elasticity and health.

«BB Cream Missha» has a very dense structure and a high hiding power.It is easy to apply and spread over the skin.The tool is well kept - no slipping, it does not drip and does not stick together.

« Missha BB Cream »: what effect waiting for?

For a start it should be noted that this tool is perfectly adapted to the natural color of the skin - after a few minutes after applying it to become invisible.And thanks to the high covering power, the cream easily and quickly disguises blackheads and acne marks, redness, age spots and other defects.

Regular use of the drug can improve the skin - acne is much faster, so that the skin becomes more elastic and hydrated.And another important thing: this cream contains UV filters that protect the tissue from the harmful effects of the environment.

That is why many women from around the world reject the use of tonal resources, preferring to quality care.

«Missha BB Cream»: what are the colors?

Since the cream contains a masking component, then it should choose the natural color of the skin, respectively.Today, there are four shades:

  • Milk beige (13) - suitable for girls with a white, almost porcelain skin without yellowish.
  • light beige (21) - perfect for white, untanned skin.
  • Natural Beige (23) - perhaps this is the most appropriate choice for the representatives of European countries, because it is combined with light skin and flowed light tan.
  • Golden Beige (31) - is designed for tanned skin with a natural yellowish tinge.

This cream helps to create the perfect image and is an excellent base for make-up.