Spirits "Kenzo" for men who know his worth

Kenzo Takada was born twenty-seventh of February nineteen thirty ninth year in the provincial town of Himeji.He was the fifth child in the family.

desire to engage in the creation of clothing came to him early.One day he came upon a magazine with colorful patterns, and from that moment his heart was given to this deity - fashion.Selecting Kenzo did not approve any relatives or friends.But he insisted on his and went to Tokyo where with great difficulty entered the school of fashion designers Bunka Gakuen.It was a girls' school, and Kenzo was the first young men, started in her training.

It was a very difficult period in the life of a young man - it was necessary to learn and to earn money for their studies and living in Tokyo.But perseverance and persistence of a provincial guy would be enough for seven.He adequately overcome all trials that fate sent him.

In 1965 he manages to move to Paris, where he began his design work.The novice fashion designer took only five years to become famous in Paris!

His first impressions became a sensation.Models made from colorful cotton fabrics with elements of Japanese national dress, were unusual and spectacular.In Paris, emerging fashion for all the Japanese.Kenzo rightly determined its future path in the fashion world - he did not go by European designers and create their own unique and original style.About him began to say about him began to write in the popular magazines.

talented designer is working like a man possessed.It produces a series of diverse collections, and they all have a resounding success.

in 1987 saw the first perfume - fragrance "Kenzo".The success was overwhelming.It was a fragrance based on the principle of ikebana.Kenzo perfume inspired debut, and he began to develop this line.Began to appear more and more original compositions.Each novelty was significantly different from the previous development of a rare combination of a large number of components.Many spirits "Kenzo" reissued several times, changed their bottles, and in some cases even the aroma is somewhat different, usually lighter.But in general terms, the composition remained the same.

Men's fragrance "Kenzo" appeared in 1991 and immediately was very fond of the stronger sex.This fragrance is perfect for daily use and for the evening a romantic date.

men's fragrance "Kenzo Tokyo" - an original composition that combined Eastern and Western philosophy.She carries a puzzle.Black night sleeping Building Tokyo embodies guaiac wood, nutmeg, clove and cedar.Refreshing notes of green tea green decorations symbolize the metropolis, vivid impressions of neon lights reflect the final notes of lemon and grapefruit.

In 1992, the company manufactures fragrance "Kenzo Parfum d'ete" - is a bright summer smells collected in one bottle.Even in the cold season will bring an explosion of flavor sensations envelop heat.The basis of the composition - Reseda, hyacinth, carnation and rose.

All of Kenzo perfume for men combines the law of ikebana, the underlying and most important rule of the brand - restraint.These scents - the combination of completely opposite concepts, styles and tastes.But their value is that this combination of harmony, and it is due to the magnificent perfume.

fragrance that created Kenzo - a mysterious odors, simple at first glance, but not obvious.They are characterized by freshness and individuality.Spirits "Kenzo" captivate the riot of colors, oriental refinement and powerful energy.