Dior Jadore: real classic

refined eau de toilette Dior Jadore first appeared in 1999.And in recent decades perfumes have become popular around the world, have won several prestigious awards and have become a real symbol of sensuality and elegance.

Jadore Dior : a bit of history

In fact, the name Christian Dior has already become a real brand.And it's not just fine clothes, but also unique and unsurpassed fragrances.As already mentioned, Dior Jadore first saw the light in 1999.By the way, on this aroma he worked talented and world renowned master Kaylis Becker.A translation of «jadore» means "I love."Almost every woman would agree that this name perfectly suited to the spirits who had long managed to become a real classic.They are both well-known personalities and movie stars, and the average woman, wishing to show a bright and gentle nature.

Interestingly, Christian Dior Jadore has become so popular not only because of the exquisite flavor, but also the unique design.

Indeed, the bottle as perfect as the sme

ll.He worked on it a recognized designer Herve der Stren, whose task was to symbolically connect the ancient and the modern.The ideal form of a transparent bottle finishes elegantly curved neck, which is covered with thin gold rings, so strongly reminiscent of the traditional Masai necklaces women.And the whole composition is crowned with a transparent crystal ball.

Dior Jadore : What is the flavor?

In fact, these spirits-a-kind phenomenon, because they are admired women from around the world, and men enjoy the sun penetrating aroma.Top notes are often associated with a light melody, which is clearly audible bergamot, pear, sweet smells of melon, ripe tangerine and peach.

Heart same toilet water enveloping aromas of plum, slowly turning into a beautiful, harmonious blend of French velvet violets, sensuous Indian magnolia and exotic orchids.It also contains other components - a freesia, damask rose, lily of the valley, jasmine and tuberose Mexican - they create the illusion of lightness and illusory.

Eau de parfum leaves behind a trail of light wood of vanilla, cedar, blackberry, musk and amaranth wood.

Spirits Dior Jadore : whom they come?

Classic Jadore - this is the fragrance of femininity.He brings the love of the sun and life, the joy of the first meeting, the charm of nature.It is lightweight and unobtrusive, but makes men turn around after.

This fragrance is suitable for women who really proud of themselves.It demonstrates surrounding your self-confidence and self-esteem and self-improvement.It really is an unsurpassed odor.Some connoisseurs even compare it with the work of the Impressionists, arguing that there is a certain elusive charm, comparable only to that of the masterpieces of Monet and Renoir.

By the way, at one time muse and face of Dior Jadore perfume became famous Charlize Terron, which to date, involved in advertising campaigns, and does not hide his love for this fragrance.