Gucci Flora - Garden Princess

women's perfume line Gucci Flora has a very interesting story that can not fail to mention at least briefly.In 1966, Princess Grace of Monaco went to the boutique to buy a Gucci scarf.But nothing suitable she discovered.Then Rodolfo Gucci commissioned artist Akkornero pattern of flowers, decorate a worthy princess scarf.The resulting print Flora admired not only Grace Kelly, and many other women.In the world trade requires all good continuation.Thus, the visible pattern found a second life in the floral pattern of the flavors.Creative Director Frida Giannini brand embodied in the figure Akkornero perfumes Flora by Gucci.

For whom created this perfume water?Naturally, as is the case with print, for a princess!This girl with an innate grace, sophistication, elegance.Everything in it is natural and aristocratic, simple and elegant.The spirits thought all the details - from the original hexagonal vial with a flirty bow to the snow-white box with gold ribbon.What is the package - such is the content.Flor

a Gucci pleases fruit and floral aromas.Citrus spray mandarin, kumquat and sweet pear infused with a bouquet of roses, Chinese peony, osmanthus and pink pepper.The owner reserves the aroma of a warm and romantic trail of patchouli, vanilla and sandalwood.

releasing in 2009 classic perfume Gucci Flora, Frida Giannini decided to proceed with a variation on the flower garden and developed the concept of Flora Garden, which currently consists of five flavors.Fried stressed that each composition was created for a woman of a certain type, so the choice of which flower to disrupt the garden should be approached wisely.For example, Gardenia created for passionate women.In addition to this fragrance said the flower, which, of course, dominates interwoven intoxicating fragrance of frangipani, juice of red berries and cane sugar aftertaste.

But Graceful Tuberose Gucci Flora Garden for quite the opposite type of girls - quiet, thoughtful, but not without warmth.This highlights the delicate aromas of violet and tuberose, softened by warm notes of peach, rockrose and cedar.Glamorous Magnolia rim of deciduous and citrus smells with chocolate delight train flirts accustomed to male attention.For elegant fashionistas created Generous Violet, sprightly but for girls who love noisy parties and cocktails, Glorious Mandarin.In this latest flavor where citrus fruits are combined with Pina Colada, sound and languid notes of white musk.

fashion house, introducing the collection of Gucci Flora Garden, hinted that the flower garden will grow every year.But Frida portfolio tireless and no garden replenished novelty: it recently introduced the world to the fragrance, released in honor of the famous princess scarf - Flora by Gucci 1966. The composition of immediate applause both professionals and the public.This vintage sounds disturbingly deep, aristocratic, powerful.Inhaling the smell, inevitably spreads its back (to fell the crown) and feel like a princess blood.Bourbon pepper and bergamot, rose, peony, patchouli - everything shimmers like soft silk under a light breeze.Aroma 1966 Gucci Flora reviews have called the most aristocratic of all products of the brand.