Cosmetics for oily skin Vichy Normaderm

In 1931, in the heart of France, in the town of Vichy, Shiseido and met Georges Prosper Dr. Allaire - the future founders of the world famous company Vichy.Their efforts have been created Dermatological Society, which was going to be engaged in scientific development to create innovative cosmetics.

Scientists are interested in a unique natural source - Lucas.Water from it contains rare minerals.It is this unique water from the ancient thermal spring is one of the main components of the composition of cosmetic products Vishy.It was she who made them so popular.

In 1955, Vichy enters into a contract with a major company France - L'Oreal - and starts active cooperation with pharmacies, thereby defining the basic sales strategy.Now the company's products offered to pharmacists, which indicates the nature of the therapeutic agents produced.

By 1990, the company is not only a popular brand, and is a leader in innovation and discovery.Today, it is firmly holds its leading position and is constantly worki

ng on developing new products.

The company has developed a new series of Vichy Vichy Normaderm care and treatment of problem skin.Let's take a closer look at some products of this series.

Skin Care begins with its purification.Most of all, for this purpose, suitable lotion Vichy Normaderm, designed for problem skin.It improves overall skin condition, very gently and carefully cleans it and it does not dry and does not irritate.Pollution and excessive sebum removed.Gradually, the skin is cleansed and becomes dull, unpleasant sheen disappears.

Once the skin cleaned, use tonic Vichy Normaderm.It narrows the pores, remove the remaining contamination, the skin surface will be perfectly smooth.

Get rid of dead skin cells to help a very effective scrub Vichy Normaderm, which consists of micro-granules.Besides the fact that it frees carefully dead skin cells, and yet it has an antibacterial effect.It improves the complexion, the surface is leveled.

Offers Series Vichy Normaderm foundation, which is designed specifically for problem skin.It contains active ingredients that encourage active rejuvenation of the skin, a significant improvement in their overall condition.It is easily and uniformly distributed on the surface of the skin is very thin layer.The pores are not clogged and the trouble spots are almost invisible.The original composition of the cream prevents mixing pigment with sebum, so no skin formed lumps that are often encountered when using conventional creams.

Vichy Normaderm Nuit - Night Cream, which reduces the production of excess sebum, smoothes the skin's surface.

Women often ask the question: when there is the effect of the application of cosmetics Vichy Normaderm?As is known, the skin in young women is updated in 28 days.Over the years, this process slows down, but if you use cosmetics properly in this series for a month or two, then you forget about the problems with the skin.

If you use only one of the means Normaderm, the result will be achieved, however, it will have to wait much longer.