Clay hair - styling and care

Clay for hair styling and care is also called modeling.It is used for long-term pilings.For many it means popular in cosmetology, is not known.Clay hair - laying and maintenance - allows you to focus on the hair as a whole.In addition, it makes the hair more elastic and voluminous.

With clay, you can create a new texture solutions, to experiment with style.Apply clay need hands giving hair the desired shape.It makes the hair more healthy in appearance, makes them shine and provides extra protection from harmful UV rays.

advantages of using funds

Clay Hair (for the installation and maintenance) is applied to dry or slightly damp hair.With this amazing tool, you can create a truly enchanting volume without gluing.Clay leaves no greasy feeling and the dirt on the hair, as it often happens with gels, waxes and polishes.Despite persistent fixation clay for hair styling, easy to rinse shampoo.Costs are very economical, hair shoulder-length must be quite a bit of clay the size of a pea.

disadvantages of using clay for hair styling is hardly suitable for the dense texture of the hair, as in this case, the amount will not be held.Moreover, not all clay obtained immediately distribute uniformly over the entire length of the hair requires skill stacking arms.

Green Clay Hair

To get rid of dandruff, expert beauticians recommend using green clay.Regular use of this mask helps to restore the natural balance in the cells of the scalp.Particularly useful are such masks for owners of hair, prone to fat.To prepare the masks need to take four tablespoons of green clay, and add the two cups of warm water.This mud should be applied to the hair and leave for 20 minutes.Clay washed off with warm water without using shampoo and other detergents and cosmetics.

pink clay for hair

in pink clay contains a large amount of silicon in its purest form, making it a natural remedy restores the skin cells, and enriches them with micronutrients required for normal functioning.In addition, pink clay is used against hair breakage, split ends to recover, with unruly strands.

After using clay masks with pink hair long remained clean since it means absorbs and absorbs grease and dirt from the surface of the head.The scalp stays clean for a long time if you use pink clay for hair.Masks with this agent particularly useful for dry hair.To make a mask, the clay should be mixed with hot water until thick cream.The resulting mass should not leak.The mask is applied with a brush to the hair roots and distributed throughout their length.Half an hour later the mask should be a good rinse with warm water and wash your hair with shampoo.After this procedure, the hair will become bulky and will long remain clean and shiny.