Organic Shop.

In the Russian market appeared cosmetics Organic Shop (Shop Organic).Responses about it today, we will consider in the first place from the perspective of whether or not it is so natural.

turns out that, yes.Studying creams, shampoos and scrubs, you will notice that the natural extracts in them quite a lot, no lauryl sulfates, silicones, parabens.In general, if cosmetics, not 100% organic, it is basically impossible for mass production and compliance with the terms of validity, and then should not harm health.

But about the ease of use of funds and the smell of Organic Cosmetics Shop reviews are not all good.Basically it says that Perfume from a particular agent does not correspond to the addition of a smell of plant components.That would be scary if flavor liked to clients brand.But, alas, spoiled by an abundance of modern cosmetics women customers are finding that Organic Shop and unnatural smells cheap.

Regarding usability should be noted that it is a defect of many manufacturers of cosmetics,

close to natural.Perhaps we want to remind the feeling of use of homemade, are not always sufficiently thick or thin, do not stick to the skin, it is difficult washed down, etc.

Here and there have disgruntled clients Organic Shop reviews that coffee scrub (one of the most popular products!) The consistency is too sticky, and its particles during application scatter in all directions.Others will answer the client that his application to adapt.

Let's turn our attention to the price of bark sold cosmetics Organic Shop.Reviews of this or that product in the context of its price will be clearer.Most expressed dissatisfaction with those clients who are accustomed to branded cosmetics and products of foreign manufacturers.They bought Organic Shop, because it is new and because natural cosmetics is now in vogue.However, our cosmetic line is inexpensive and is produced by the Russian company "The first decision."

What say satisfied client Organic Shop?Reviews from them suggest that in cosmetics is there a cumulative effect.Creams should be used regularly at least several days, and then the promise on the package will be correlated with the fact that you get in reality.Unfortunately, not everyone remembers that in the instant effect in cosmetics often respond harmful ingredients and natural substances are usually gradual.

"Silk Nectar" Organic Shop (shampoo) reviews collected are: in addition to the stated smoothness, it gives the hair volume.The effect of the positive and surpassing expectations.A lot of positive emotions expressed about the care cream, not bad to say about bath salts.

In general, the Organic Shop - an inexpensive cosmetics with natural ingredients are not always comfortable to use.But in order to take care of their appearance for little money, you can sacrifice some comforts.And if you use the tools constantly, you get used to and stop noticing what might be different.