Hair Dye "Matrix" - a work of hairdressing

Who knows better than anyone what our tresses?Of course, the hairdresser - master of beauty and health.It is such a specialist Arnie Miller from Ohio (USA) has been developed now popular all over the world hair dye "Matrix".Established in 1980, 20 years later it became part of the group "L'Oreal" - leader in the production of various caring means for healthy and thick hair.The American Paint "Matrix" - a unique tool for giving a beautiful deep shine your strands acting very carefully.

Did you decide to experiment with bright colors or want to refresh your natural color, dream qualitatively paint the gray hair or to make clarification on a couple of colors, your faithful assistant will be hair dye "Matrix".Reviews hairdressers and consumers themselves prove its superior quality and fabulous effect.And this is not allegations.For each outcome you want to achieve on their head, elaborated hair dye "Matrix" with a particular action.

purpose of №1.Bright and deep color long

If the goal is lasting

saturated color, which will be held as long as possible, then you need a series of "" from the "Matrix" - hair dye with an incredible number of various colors and high resistance.The rich palette allows to achieve virtually any desired shade of ash-gray to cherry.Selection also expands due to the fact that any paint colors can be mixed in various proportions.

purpose of №2.Natural radiance

For more careful coloring when you need only enhance the brightness or light shade to give your natural color, hair color fit "Matrix" series "Color Sinc".Your hair will become shiny and silky thanks to ceramides in the composition of the paint.This series is good for repainting, and the first in your life experiment with color.

purpose of №3.Makes the image brighter without unnecessary casualties

Make strands lighter, but it does not turn them into a "straw", is very easy with the new series "Ultra.Blonde".This paint brightens hair for 5 or more tones simultaneously nourishing and softening them.As a result, they become a natural lighter shade look great and sparkle in the sun.

purpose of №4.We attract the attention of Red

there and the line for those who like different shades of red.The series with the speaker called "SoRED" give curls gleaming luster and shine, even if you are the owner of dark hair.Shade will be visible without clarification, which is an advantage for a beautiful and healthy tresses.

Healthy hair under control, care provided

Touching upon the topic of health, it is important to note the useful components that contain hair dye "Matrix".It contains caring oils and ceramides which nourish and saturate the hair vitality, give elasticity and shine.A series of "Color Sinc" does not contain ammonia, and "" and other paint line "Matrix" enriched with "Cera-Oil", strengthens the hair and helps to evenly distribute the color throughout their length.Besides those already mentioned ceramides and vegetable oils, the complex includes polymers and natural fruit flavor.

After staining, you can continue to care for their curls by using shampoos and conditioners "Matrix".They will help keep the color even with frequent shampooing.Keeping moisture in hair shampoo does not allow them to become dry and brittle.And the air conditioner creates a protective film, making your strands remain silky and shiny for a long time after staining.