Burberry Prorsum: British chic

Few people know how to translate Latin Burberry Prorsum - well, rather, how to translate the second part of the phrase "going forward."The history of this brand has more than 150 years, and if at the beginning of the 20th century was considered a mark of a strategic supplier of clothing for military and civil servants, in the 70 years of the last century, Burberry Prorsum appreciated only among football hooligans, now famous 'checkered' brand is considered a benchmark of a beautiful lifeand a symbol of luxury.Burberry produces everything from the public who came to taste the classic trench coats and coats to fashion shoes, handbags, and of course, cosmetics and perfumes

.And if the founder of the fashion house only speculate about what will make furor invention of his successors among the fair sex, he would get rich instantly.

So, each year every season in Milan and Paris, as well as the homeland of the brand - in London take place the presentation of new collections of Burberry, cosmetics and perfumes from the fashion brand immediately takes the leading pages of fashion magazines because of tasteful advertising campaign.For the past few years is the young face of the brand's top model Cara Delevingne - and admittedly, the candidacy is chosen very well: Kara type corresponds to the strict British and fresh beauty.Home designer Burberry Christophe Bailey believes modern style cosmetics brand most acceptable: obligatory warm colors, rich textures and intense flavors trail - this is the time-tested classic features.

So, what products Burberry Prorsum deserve the most attention in our market?Firstly, it flavors.Stylists say: "Wearing Burberry only need a full set."That is, buying a bag of this line, it is necessary to put on and aroma.So, the most sensual and close to the body considered fragrances Burberry Body, bluff and trail runaway Beat beats directly in heart, well, men will approach refreshing scent Sport.

best part for those who have to Burberry cosmetics as a gift - an original and expensive packaging, which does not even want to print.These funds will suit any type of skin thanks to hypoallergenic composition, and line includes items for all ages.But the target audience of cosmetics are, of course, the young lady and business students - even the price of the product may not cause complaints.

For example, in the mascara Estheticians included glycogen contained in algae.Thus, each lash individually fed and strengthened, thereby protecting themselves from dust and the severity of the coloring elements.Lies mascara gently and without lumps, like enveloping lashes.Such remarkable brasmatiku sin not to buy the shade Burberry - Sheer eye shadow, made in the romantic-muted tones.The most profitable considered nude makeup style in the upper part of the face with a spectacular red lipstick.

Speaking of lips: lipstick velvet face of Burberry is again twenty young nymph named Kara.The collection includes lipsticks exactly a dozen trendy warm shades which are named for the colors of autumn, with the structure includes a useful extract of rose hips.How many more surprises presents its Burberry Prorsum to owners?