Lady Million Paco Rabanne - femininity and determination in one bottle!

Paco Rabanne - original French couturier, a mystic, astrologer and writer.Truly creative people with innovative approach and great talent.His clothing collections combine seemingly incongruous fabrics and elements, and extraordinary perfumes original flavors.Lady Million Paco Rabanne is no exception.This creation pleases us with its elegance and originality.

Lady Million Paco Rabanne - continuation of the story

perfume from Paco Rabanne are remembered for a long time and are the trends more than one season.One striking example is the flavor of "Ultraviolet", which turned the head not one woman.Today we know that the spirits of Lady Million Paco Rabanne gained millions of fans.This eau de toilette is a continuation of the famous fragrance for men Paco Rabanne 1 Million.Lady Million made since 2010 in France (as opposed to the "1 Million", which are produced in Italy).Two years it took the creators to create a perfume for women.

Spirits "1 Million" made by the type of gold bullion, they are fragr

ant products for the self-confident and daring of men who go to their goal.Paco Rabanne a passion for metals, and in this series he combined wealth of gold and odor.Man using "1 Million" is played, it creates an image of a successful person and tends to him.The image, leadership, money, success - that's what excites holder perfume "1 Million".He dazzles with gold and invigorating citrus notes, a combination of spices and aromatic herbs gives it spice and wood notes trail leaves the warmth and sense of masculinity.

Lady Million Paco Rabanne continues the story of the game and wealth, audacity and confidence.The game comes Dree Hemingway, who introduced the perfume "Lady Million".The rivalry, provocation and an unprecedented fight draws us into the world of seduction and fantasy, where there are He and She.

Lady Million Paco Rabanne - elegance and confidence

toilet water bottle is shaped like the famous diamond "Regent" which faceted gold.Beautiful letters displayed fragrance logo on the lid of the bottle.Female version was created by famous masters scented products Enn Flippo and Dominic Ropion, Beatrice Pico and Bruno Jovanovic for the trading house of Paco Rabanne.

Spirits give a touch of tenderness, determination, inspire courageous actions at."Lady Million" inherent spontaneity and sparkling sense of humor.Brilliant and independent, extravagant and seductive, rock and rebellious - that is, the woman "Lady Million".

Perfume includes invigorating scents of orange and neroli flowers, delicious raspberries, lily of the valley and colorful blooming hyacinth in the top notes.The core of the toilet water filled with the fragrance of jasmine, gardenia scent, soft roses and white flowers of orange blossom.Conclude flavor notes of honey, patchouli and seductive amber.

toilet water can be used as a daily and on special occasions.Due to the viscous and sweet fragrance, women prefer it to be applied to the evening events.Perfume includes the heat of summer and the flowers smell so important to apply "Lady Million" during the cold season, the fall or winter.Girl with fragrance Lady Million Paco Rabanne will be left without attention, it will be swimming in compliments from men.