Estee Lauder - perfume for refined ladies

July 1, 1908 in New York, was born Josephine Esther Mentzer.Her parents - immigrants from Hungary.From early childhood, the girl dreamed of becoming a "real American".Many believe that the creation of his own company Esther nudged her uncle - a chemist by training, as a hobby engaged in the manufacture of creams for women.Esther graduated from high school with honors.In 1930, she became the wife of Joseph Lauter.Later, the couple decided to change the name to Lauder.

Today, the world-famous brand - a leading manufacturer of cosmetics, perfume, hair care and skin-class "luxury".

first Estee Lauder - spirits, which appeared in 1953, expecting a resounding success.Young Dew, was the name of the first fragrance, sales volume reached 5 million per year.

Before women bought their own spirits, man chooses his favorite flavor and gave his beloved woman.But Esther was convinced that every woman should itself make a choice in favor of its flavor.

Translated name news means "dew of youth."The composition cl

early and distinctly sounded incense.It is hot oriental scent.Experts consider it the most sexy perfume collection throughout the company.First drop fresh and clean notes of orange, bergamot, peach and spice, then appear sensual notes of cinnamon, blackcurrant bud, orchid, jasmine, ylang-ylang and rose.

company Estee Lauder Adventurous spirits released in 2011.Fans of well-known brand is not left disappointed.Bright and rich aroma composition does not separate into individual notes, it bewitches, makes return to it again and again.

Fragrances Estee Lauder Adventurous - a composition for refined ladies that combines fragility and tenderness, passion and energy.Some exotic they give subtle nuances lotus and sensual jasmine, green notes give freshness in the upper chords, softens the caramel flavor combined with musk and vetiver.

recently appeared in perfume stores next new Estee Lauder - spirits Bronze Goddess.They relished lovers of sweet odors.The composition is full of sweet vanilla, but it is not suffocating.This is a great fragrance, for a fun-filled holiday.

Bronze Goddess Estee Lauder - spirits, which are reminiscent of the sea beach with dazzling sun, invigorating and refreshing drink in the cozy little cafe.The first notes of the fragrance spray refreshing tangerine juice and blackcurrant leaf.Later appear passionate and languid notes of peony, jasmine and lily of the valley.

Magnificent company Estee Lauder receives feedback from its fans from around the world in huge numbers.Most often they are positive, with gratitude for the work done, but there are critical reviews and to help employees of the company to correct any shortcomings.

famous brand is known not only fragrance for women, and it has a very solid men's collection.Many of the men's fragrances have become classic, but there are more modern developments.The classic men's fragrances include Estee Lauder for Men, released in 1985.Admirers of fashion brand awaited his appearance with great interest.And they were not disappointed.